Am all packed and ready to go - managed to use the two small bags I took over the summer instead of the big honkin suitcase, as will be easier on trains and such. Everything fit, but I'm either going to have to go easy on the shopping or wear both sweaters and fleece on the plane home.

A message came across the Wolf board just in time reminding us that Jan 25th is Burns nite. I knew that, having had a discussion about that with a friend Sat nite at St Andrews, but the SGA implications had completed escaped me. *facepalm* So I have packed my MacPhee tartan skirt, which is a bit dressy and usually worn Christmas Eve so will look a bit silly with my hiking boots, but it's for Paul so I'll make the sacrifice ;) I hope no one tries to make us eat haggis

I have a little under an hour before my train and nothing to do... perhaps will torture the neighbors with some more whistle practice. They're gonna miss me afterall.


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