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( Jan. 14th, 2009 05:04 pm)
Did the math with one of my breakfast mates this morning, who being a mathematician can so complex equations in his head, and turns out the temperature here is double what it is in NY. I feel like I am on a tropical vacation. I was also plied with much breakfast meat, and suggestions for day trips.

After breakfast I took a walk up to Llandaff (which is a pain in the butt to speel on all those pictures! why do Welsh names need to double up on so many letters?) which according to the Lonely Planet guide was about a mile and half from the hotel. I walked an extra mile or so looking for it, but along a really pretty river trail. Was tempted to go even further, but finally decided to turn around and find the cathedral, so I could then get back down to the castle before it closed.

Found Cathedral, went inside, but they were doing construction so didn't stick around. Had tea in a lovely shop across the way, and then went back across the river to follow the trail down to the castle. There were tons of people walking, running and biking on the trail. If I can get up early enough tomorrow or Fri I shall have to join them.

Did the castle audio and walking tour which included a live guide for the few inside rooms, climbing up the keep and walking the walls, and then decided I had enough scenery for one day (plus it was getting dark) so I did a little shopping for dinner. First had to check out the cheesy souvenirs - restrained self from buying celtic crap and aran sweaters - lol. Thankfully nothing with shamrocks on it anyway. I did buy a wee welsh dragon for [ profile] smileraniko's niece, whom I have apparently adopted.

Booked a tour of ruins including Tintern Abbey at the TI, and the dude taking the booking knows the owner of my hotel and said they'd pick me up here so I don't have to walk to the museum early in the morning Sat :) Went through Waterstones, but was good and didn't buy anything. Yet. Why is it when they have 3 for 2, you can only find two you want with the sticker, and all the ones you really want have no sticker? Was very good in the forbidden planet also and did not buy any Dr Who, Stargate, or Torchwood action figures. They didn't have a Ianto or all bets would have been off. They did have a weevil, which would have made for some interesting photo ops... could always go back. Also the only Robin Hood figure they had was the sheriff, so my quest for SuperPoseableGizzy continues.

Went to a closer pub for dinner tonite. The ones in the city center were scarily empty, but I found a nice one on the way back with people in it, and a 5 pound "Pint and curry" special. Got into a conversation with some guys who sat at the table next to me, getting ready for a football match, who couldn't believe I came all the way from NY to Cardiff. They were suitably impressed that my mother is a Jones, but told me there was no chance I'd find any connections b/c the name Jones is "too big". One dude to the others "See, I told you all the Americans come here to get their genealogy!" Hehe. They were also confused about my going to london for a scifi con.

Dude: "They film one of those shows around here."
Me: "yes. Torchwood."
Dude: "That's the one!"

Also found a tabloid in the Spar with John Barrowman on the cover. I should have asked the dudes if they know where he lives. Tho if they couldn't remember the name of the show, probably not.

Piccies from today.


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