It is very windy here - supposedly up to 80 mph. Though just started as I was making my way back to my hotel, the rest of the day was absolutely gorgeous. Plus the temp here is still double what it is in NY. Maybe closer to triple.

I had booked a day trip with a tour company, because it included three places whereas I would only have been able to go to one on my own via public transport. I was a little leary b/c I hate tour groups, hate being with lots of other tourists that just want to shop and eat. But the dude at my hotel recommended these people, and they know the hotel so offered to pick me up there on the way to the regular meet up spot. Turned out the other group that had booked the tour had changed their itinerary, so I ended up with my own personal tour guide for the whole day. It was great. He plays folk music, also plays bodhran, so we talked about music as well as history and the obligatory Torchwood commentary. His claim to fame, he told me, was that he had snogged Eve Myles (Gwen for non-TW fans) in a bar.

Me: "Not John Barrowman?"
Him: "No. My girlfriend's mad for him, but you know..."
Me: "yeah..."

He confessed later it was just a peck on the cheek. His company wants to start a DW/TW experience tour - "The TimeLord Tour", and he asked me for suggestions - lol. Also told me what bar down in the bay I would be most likely to run into some of the actors, and I was very tempted to go back down there tonite, but figured they wouldn't be out till way too late, and also did I mention the wind? I'll get enough actors next weekend anyway.

Anyway, being the only person I had plenty of time to myself running around ruins, and no obligations to eat or shop! I had brought a bounty bar (of course) and an apple from breakfast, but I did had a cream tea in the little coffee shop in Tinturn.

We started at Caerleon which is the ruins of a Roman fortress town - coliseum, baths, and a museum. Slogged around a bit in the mud around the grass covered ampitheatre - the Romans really built these things to last. Nearly 2000 years old, and Shea barely lasted 40 :P Saw a bit of the bath and then the museum which had lots of stuff from digs and a recreated barracks. We drove through another town of roman ruins after that, but did not stop as it was all just foundational ruins that could be seen from the van.

Next we went to the whole reason I picked this trip - Tinturn Abbey. Absolutely gorgeous. And I think the most intact ruined abbey I've seen, tho the Scottish border abbeys were nearly 20 years ago so don't really remember. Way more intact than Whitby or Glastonbury tho, and very well labeled with drawings so you can really picture where everything was. Also the surroundings are gorgeous, and I may have taken a few photos.

After that we drove to Raglan Castle, (not on Raglan Road btw), where Paul, the guide of Eve Myles snogging fame, told me I could take another hundred pictures. :P Really cool castle, with moat. In Wales they seemed to have really grasped the concept of moats, and that there is supposed to be water in them. Possibly the rain helps.

Back to Cardiff in time for a little shopping before dinner. Paul had given me the names of some traditional Welsh groups upon request (with no "danny boy" crap), so I went looking for them but had no luck in the record stores on Queen Street. I just found all of them on iTunes, which amuses me no end. Can't find Welsh music in Cardiff, but on american iTunes. I limited myself to three albums. Tonite. Welsh music is teh awesome, very similar to Irish. I think I may have found their equivalent of Gaelic Storm, or possibly the Elders as well...


*steps away from iTunes*

Todays pictures here.


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