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( Jan. 18th, 2009 05:05 am)
To [ profile] theyllek!!!

Was gonna text you, but well it's 0400 over there ;)
And missing Wales. It was so lovely, the people were so nice, and I must go back. Was tempted to go buy a Wales cap this am on the way to the train, but I didn't feel like dragging my luggage through the shop street. Anyway, unlike Ianto, red is not my colour.

So uneventful trip and now am in London. Not that London sucks by any means. *g* The hotel is very close to where I was last year, right on the corner. The room is a wee bit small, but that's what I get for going to the nice country places first and then back to the big city. Only real downside, is the wifi, tho free, is only in the lounge area. I did see some unsecured networks... but most likely I will be limiting myself to an hour a nite on the net. Maybe I'll get some more writing done. Or just watch more Spooks.

Anyway, checked in, went to check the location of the laundromat that this hotel was able to provide, unlike last years *rolls eyes*. It's right on the street next to Paddington so I will save monies and do a load of wash myself Wed am while waiting for [ profile] smileranikoto arrive. After that went for a long run on Hyde park/Kensington gardens, as the weather was gorgeous. Paid respects to Queen Vic, Prince Albert, and Peter Pan. On the way to the park I has passed a pretty stone church which advertised sung evensong at 1800. Perfect. Got some coffee and a bottle of water on way back from run, showered, and went to church :) Then had dinner at this Italian place just round the corner from the hotel. I was seriously craving vegetables after 5 days of pub food, so i had a salad. Tho with all the junk on it, the pub food was probably healthier. Tasty tho. I think I am done with bacon for the next decade.

Now am chilling in the lounge for a bit. Tomorrow, Hampton Court!


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