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( Jan. 19th, 2009 03:38 pm)
Today was all Hampton Court. Got up, took the train, stayed there all day *g*. Did two of the audio tours, got tired of them because they were taking too long and I had too much more to see. So ditched it and went walking in the gardens, did the maze of course, and tried to think of Anne Boleyn and not Harry Potter, but not sure I succeeded ;)

Came back for a walking tour, mostly stuff I'd already seen but the guide was funny.

For dinner, after seeing the kitchens and all the meat pies, and hearing all about them, I had to have... a pie. The pie of the day at the pub down the road from the hotel was - chicken and bacon *facepalm* I am really really done with bacon now. The pub was nice - a sign outside says London's Longest Pub. I didn't measure it.

Anyway, won't waste internet time droning on - either you're a Tudor fan and already know everything or you're not and could care less. I enjoyed it anyway :) Not a ton of pics, but I did sneak a few inside. They didn't seem to care. Also bought a Henry VIII bear like my mom has b/c he was too cute to resist. He and Captain Jack are doing their alpha male thing in my room, so I'd best not leave them unsupervised for long.

Today's piccies here.

Tomorrow is Cathedral Day! Hopefully it won't rain too hard b/c I have a tremendous walking tour planned.


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