Started off the day with a walk across Tower Bridge. Did not take pictures as I have a million from the last time I walked across Tower Bridge *g*. Then I went to find Southwark Cathedral, so as to check that one off my "cathedrals in Europe I have seen' list. Also on the Spooks episode I saw last nite, Adam's flat was in Southwark *ahem*. So i needed to have something with a Southwark sign on it.

The cathedral was very nice, and like Durham one of the ones that asks politely for a donation, with a discreet un-manned box, instead of charging admission. So I gave one. After that I went for a walk along the river, and saw by one of the landmark signs along the way, that Thames House was just across the river. That's the offices of MI5 in Spooks, so I was obligated to cross over and take a couple discreet pics. I don't know if the offices are really there, but no one tried to kill me or pass me any sensitive info. Also. sadly, no sign of Lucas or Ros.

Originally I had planned to go to St Pauls and climb the top of the dome that I couldn't the last time I was there, as it was the 'blizzard of 2007', but instead I decided to stay south of the river. I walked some more and then went on a tour of the Globe theater. Along with a bunch of Finnish schoolkids who had never heard of Shakepeare, so our guide was very happy to talk mostly to the 5 non-finnish schoolkids on the tour. When asked if the Globe is used at all in the films, he told us no, but it was used for the filming of Dr Who once. Me "Great episode!!" :) He then told us lots of schoolkids (brit ones, as I assume the Finns have not heard of Dr Who either.) come there all excited to see where DW was filmed and then oh by the way there was this great playwright, see...

The exhibition was excellent as well, and I ended up not leaving there till close to 4. I couldn't resist the shop either, and I bought a hooded sweatshirt that says "Hoods make not monks" From Henry VIII. Appropriate, yes?

Continued walking along with river till it got too dark to take pics. Some very nice pubs along there, but I figure I will be pubbing it with [ profile] smileraniko tomorrow, so decided to take a break. Instead I walked up through Trafalgar Sq, ducked into St Martins just before it closed, and heard the Baroque quartet who is playing in concert tonite rehearsing, and then ducked into the National Portrait Gallery to use the bathroom. Walked up Charing Cross road, ducking in and out of bookshops, but managing not to buy anything, until I came to HMV.

They had Spooks series 4 for the same forty pound price as in Cardiff, which I am still not ready to pay, but then - score! I found a DVD of "The Golden Hour", a one series show with, well you'll never guess who ;) as a trauma MD. I've watched most of the first ep in sections on You Tube and it was on my list :D

Then decided I had enough walking and tubed it back to Paddington where I bought some mushroom pastries for dinner. Which I have just eaten.

Piccies here.


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