I am queuing this for posting later as I don't feel like going down to the lobby.

This morning began with Adventures on the Underground. We had 45 minutes to get from Paddington Station to Kings Cross to catch our train. Five stops. Except that there were problems on one of the line, and they closed the underground station at Kings Cross. So we got off the train, went up to the street to try a cab. No cabs. So we went back into the underground, deciding to get off the stop before and try to walk. By that time the trains were going again, so we managed to get to King's Cross exactly 1 minute after our train. I felt like I was home dealing with the 1 train that always gets me to Penn 1 minute after my train leaves.

Anyway, the train people were very nice and said that the underground had informed the train dispatch of the issue so we could take the next train no problem. Which means we ended up only 30 minutes later than we had planned. [livejournal.com profile] shippygem was there to meet us on the platform, and we proceeded to have a rather silly time exploring Nottingham. I've titled this post Jack and Jack take Nottingham, b/c we had Jack O'Neill and Jack Harkness action figures with us, and had a little fun taking pics of them. Alas the only action figure from Robin Hood that I could find was again the sheriff. Apparently no one wants to buy him...

However, in a secondhand DVD shop I found, for 10 pounds each - Spooks series 2 and 3. Score!! Now I just need 4. But at this point I figure I should be due for a new GC from Amazon after using my card everywhere, and I'm sure Amazon UK can get me my required fix :)

Tomorrow we will check out of here, do some last minute shopping and then head to the Thistle for P4!


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