Of which i shall not bore with details, but when I saw my second to last patient she was teasing me b/c she missed me and asked me who I was.

Me: I'm not sure....

Anyway I think I have Ork stuff as sorted as it's gonna get tonite. Skipped the gym in favor of a pot of tea as reward for dealing with the ice and snow and rain today. So now I just need to:

-make dinner
-type a con report
-write 500 words
-read 50 pages of book club book
-watch House and one ep of Spooks
-be in bed by 10

I'm not liking my chances.
alasse_fae: (friendly)
( Jan. 28th, 2009 08:02 pm)
Tonite we bring you the stunt man with the mostest - stories about whiny cast members that is ;)

Bam Bam )


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