alasse_fae: (Adam Ros hug)
( Mar. 8th, 2009 02:00 pm)
Taxes are done - woohoo! I might have enough to get a bike *and* a kindle! I think I will make myself a rule that I have to hit the bottom of my to read pile before I can buy a kindle. Which means no new paper books, except book club books till these are gone. We'll see how that works.

Oh, [ profile] philippacrawfor, I think i've figured out why I like CS Lewis so much - his nickname was Jack! Also, I have a third Spooks fic ready for you - regretting this yet?

Right. Foods and then walk on beach with mum. Now that time has actually changed, the clocks that my dad had already set at 2PM yesterday are no longer freaking me out...


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