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( Mar. 21st, 2009 11:19 pm)
Had a very productive day today :) Saw 7 patients, though did not finish in time to haul self into Manhattan for writer's group so instead went to Panera where I managed 1067 words, three glasses of iced tea and three trips to oma, etc. Fortunately Chuck is too big to steal :P. I used my usual magic trick for jumpstarting writing, started a new story. *headdesk* It's a disease.

Went for a five mile run, will give myself another week before I add on mile six. Cut and coloured hair, tho it didn't come out quite as light as I was planning, it's just a shade darker than [ profile] shippygem's.

Spent the evening thus far vegging. I now have only one unwatched episode of Spooks left *sads*. So I will save it for tomorrow, and read book club book. I have about 100 pages to go, and am loving it.

For those who had read "Fool" already, and also watched BSG last week and this week:

very slight spoiler )


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