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([personal profile] alasse_fae Apr. 1st, 2009 11:03 pm)
Series three finally!

Teh Giz: Oh. My. Lord. Poor poor Richard. The hair, it is worse than in the promo pics. It's worse than Little John's. It's Snape, having a bad hair day. I so want to comb it, tie it back, *something.* I suppose a ball cap would be too anachronistic even for this show...

I understand that it's supposed to show us Guy's emotional state, but you know, Richard is a way good enough actor not to require hideous hair weaves to do that for him. He proved that especially in that last scene with Robin. I think I shall just start treating The Hair as a separate, hated character, and write a fanfic where Guy grabs a dagger and kills the evil fiend.

On the plus side, they seem to have put less black shite under his eyes. And have I mentioned the acting? *swoons*

Robin: Yeah, still the spoiled bad tempered sulking child. Can Guy throw him off a cliff in every ep? Please? Also he seems to have acquired Kevin Costner's Prince of Thieves wardrobe.

Tuck: Love him. Finally, an intelligent, non-buffoonish version of Tuck, and a much needed voice of reason in the outlaw camp. I see much potential here even if he does look like a Vulcan

Teh Sheriff: As deliciously evil as ever - and he better watch his back around Guy ;)

Allan: I miss the Guy and Allan show, but the banter with the sheriff in the dungeon was fun.
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