Needles, check
yarn, check
two movies on tivo, and pouring rain outside, check

We are ready for take three!

No, Ronon Bear is not into bondage. Well actually he might be. There was that incident with Officer Bear's handcuffs... He's holding my yarn for me.

Oh and I also went to Chiro and got back cracked after work, and then came home and cleaned out file cabinet. The one that hasn't been cleaned out since we moved here. I found old typewritten manuscript of my (still unfinished) start trek novel from college, my old Sharp Wizard organizer with one whole megabyte of memory, and a real antiquity: floppy disks!

So far a productive start to the weekend :)

And the Mets are in their first rain delay at Citifield, at the train stop "formerly known as Shea" Go them.
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