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([personal profile] alasse_fae Apr. 20th, 2009 07:50 pm)
Had a wonderful and very busy weekend out in the woods - Irish Dance Weekend at the Mohican Outdoor Center, run by the AMC. We danced, hiked, danced, hiked, and ate. Much. Sleeping however, not so much. There were many snorers, and I am cursed with being the world's lightest sleeper. The one that wakes up if a floorboard creaks in a building three blocks away? Yup, that would be me.

The second night one of my friends and I hauled our sleeping bags out to the living room and slept on the couches, which was actually pretty nice as there had been a fire in the fireplace and it was dying embers at that point. In the morning we learned one of the other ladies had given up on the bunk rooms too and went to sleep in her car.


It was 55-75 degrees the whole weekend and Jumper One's back seats and one of his front seats fold down. Plus I have the moon roof. Why didn't I think of that??

Anyway, we had a Festivus Miracle coming home - no traffic on the 9th circle of hell GW Bridge, and I was in bed by9:30 last nite. Got nearly 11 hours of sleep, but apparently it wasn't enough as instead of going to Yoga I slept another two and half hours this afternoon.

Will upload the million or so pics my friend took with my camera later.


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