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([personal profile] alasse_fae Apr. 25th, 2009 05:02 pm)
And my bike can bounce! Unfortunately I don't. Turned a corner a little too sharply yesterday, and the treads on my new mountain bike/hiking shoes got caught in the pedal cage strap and I couldn't catch myself. So down we went. Right in front of a dad and small child, no less. Skinned and bruised my knee, but Ianto has not a scratch. I took pic of leg and texted to [ profile] theyllek, as I thought she'd be proud.

After icing and elevating last nite was feeling much better this am, until I got into the car after my first patient and saw blood trickling down my leg. The stupid thing started bleeding again and soaked through the bandaid. So at my next patient I borrowed some supplies and put a big honkin bandage on, much to her amusement.

She was on the phone with her daughter "Yeah the nurse is here. She's done with me. She's doing her own dressing now...." The aquacel I swiped should do the trick :->

I need to get something to stay put b/c am going dancing later...
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