I had a light day patient-wise, so I went out to find the nearest Wal-Mart in Nassau County. It was actually on the way to Trader Joe's, and has apparently been there all along.

Anywho, I am now in possession of Fusible Interfacing, which I now need to figure out what to do with, two more skeins (hehe - did you notice that? skein? I'm gettin' this knitting language down.) of camo yarn for to attempt a shawl, and some brown yarn to make a scarf for TehJerry.

Then I came back and crashed for two hours, for some strange reason, and woke up just in time to get to whistle class. Now I'm tired again *shrug*

So will make some hot choc and read book till bedtime. Also should clear pile of SkillzMaterials off the bed...
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