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( Sep. 1st, 2008 10:33 pm)
well, not really. The beach is still nice through most of september. However today is the "unofficial" last day of summer. We're getting the way way way edge of the hurricane in the water even though the weather is gorgeous. The waves were *huge*. Apparently they had closed the beach to swimmers at high tide b/c of them, but by the time I got there the tide was out. Surfers were everywhere, but most of them were gone by the time I got the camera out.

makin' waves )
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( Aug. 21st, 2008 10:35 pm)
Blew off everything I should have done around the house today and went to the beach for another perfect day. There were some big mama jellies, but the water was clear enough to see them coming so I managed to avoid getting stung. Not scraped however. I 'rescued' a tire from the ocean - nice one too, Goodyear - and rolled it up onto the sand, only to drop it on my foot. *headdesk*

I did not take pics of the tire b/c that was during my long walk/swim, but later after packing my car walked down the path to the inlet and took some sunset pics.

sunset at the beach )
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( Aug. 19th, 2007 07:05 pm)
I know y'all are sick of my beach stuff, but the season is almost over ;)

piccies from our outing on friday to Orient Point.

We also watched Casino Royale last nite, hense the non-HP user pic!

Oh, James...
ok it's my parents ;)
Today mom and I did a little shopping in Greenport, pretending to be tourists (fortunately we did not run into anyone who's known us for 30 years), got some gormet sandwiches and drove out to Orient Pt State Park where they take my parking pass :). Water was gorgeous, I took some pics, but they are on chuck as I don't want to put files on Dad's comp, so I will upload them when we get home.

Got two phone calls today, one wishing me "Happy 21st Birthday" (seems they do math as well as [ profile] arrietty *snicker*, and a text message from Armenian #2 wishing me happy b-day from her an "#5" which my sleepy brain finally realized meant David Wright, as I kept aiming the binoculars at his back for her at the ball game last week :))

We stopped at a farmstand on the way home and got some fresh corn and lettuce for dinner. Mmmmmmm my first carn I've had all year - just finished shucking it (be sure to tell Jared, Yllek I did 6 ears all by myself!)

So soon time for dinner, pressies, and Dr Who. *bounces*

Hope y'all are behaving!
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( Aug. 5th, 2007 02:23 pm)
Yesterday was perfect beach day. Sun, no wind, nice gentle waves. I walked, swam, body surfed, wiped out exfolliated both legs. Made a general fool out of myself in front of the real surfers, but as it wasn't Jason on the surfboard, I didn't care ;)

Also managed to not get mowed down by gangs of Hell's Angels on jetskis, or garroted by fishing line. *bows*

make with the clicky for the piccies

Today is quite nice too, and would go back to beach if I didn't need to go deal with some crap at church tonite. But that is another post for another blog. I will also pick up tickets for this coming Thurs Mets/Braves game :) And speaking of Mets - Tom Glavine makes his attempt at win 300 tonite. *waves to [ profile] katstale's hubby*

In other news I am on about p. 250 of HP so should be able to remove the spoiler user pic soon :D
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( Jul. 11th, 2007 08:55 pm)
I direct you to my Flickr page, to view piccies of Sunday's day at the beach, and also my rally toes which [ profile] theyllek wanted to see. Warning: may antagonize Yankee fans.
Yes, I know it's actually Monday. But Monday so far I have nine patients, plus it's supposed to rain, whereas today I had four, was done by 1:00, and it was HOT. So, broke in my new parking pass, caught the tail end of the air show at Jones Beach (waved to Jack and Shep as they flew over, but did not get camera phone out fast enough, so still have many lessons to learn from the mighty Koala), sported the four year old capris I chopped off to make cool board shorts...

And yes, actually went all the way into the water.
It's Memorial Day tradition for our family. It's also tradition to run right back out, and scurry to one's towel and book :D.

Drove home with the windows open, and treated all the other drivers on the highway to my singing "Kiss Me I'm Irish" along with Pat Murphy. I'm sure they loved it. I need to practice for Labor Day, and get the squeal just in the right place when New York is mentioned. [ profile] theyllek and [ profile] katestales have no idea what they are in for ;)

And now the Mets are havin' themselves a fish fry *grin*.
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( Sep. 7th, 2006 09:44 pm)
Yes went to beach again today. *dodges shocked looks from flist, snerk* Have to grab the last few days before it gets too cold to swim.

Gorgeous day, beautiful sunset, got to watch the tide pools fill, and some crazy jetskiers clowning around by the jetty. Unfortunately, I put my cell phone to charge this moring and then forgot to bring it with me, so I had nothing to take a picture with. *facepalm*. Clearly I have much to learn from [ profile] koalathebear *grin*

On the bright side tho I finally finished my tag to Sateda that I've been working on since... well the nite Sateda aired. Yes, it takes me that long to write forty pages. *g* Hopefully will finish typing and get it posted tonite!


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