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( Jan. 10th, 2009 01:38 pm)
I am officially on vacation! And it is snowing. My car is all snug in the garage, and as long as the runways at JFK are clear by Monday evening, it can storm its little heart out.

I'm getting my stuff together for a trip to Wales and England starting the aforementioned Monday evening, and right now am doing one of the most fun tasks - deciding which books to bring. I am allowed only one fiction and one non-fiction because there is a serious raid on bookstores in Cardiff and London being planned.

I think i have settled on "When True Night Falls" by CS Friedman for the fiction, being the second in a series I started in Hungary. But I also have the second Otherland book by Tad Williams. The Friedman is thicker than the Williams - Imagine anything being thicker than a Tad Williams?? - and I read the first one earlier so really should stay in order.

Right, on to non-fic, I am settling I think on a book on Frances of Assisi in a spiritual classics series, but I also have two others in the same series that look good. Might have to just close my eyes and point.

My goal is to pack everything into two small bags rather than the big one, as will be easier for getting on and off trains and such, and plus I am trying to learn to pack light. The next debate will be on which sweaters to bring as I am only allowing myself two, but I won't bore you with that one!

[ profile] smileraniko and [ profile] shippygem I will be on as soon as I get the laundry going!
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( Oct. 6th, 2008 09:40 pm)
W00t! Joe Mallozzi has a couple of books I've read on his to read pile. Hopefully he'll pick some of them for his books of the month and I can actually join in the fun!
I took a picture of my summer to read pile. Not counting the two book club books and another arriving used from Amazon:

watch out it might fall! )
Now after that I think I need to put down computer and read some.
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( May. 18th, 2008 08:18 pm)
Brought the bike into Manhattan today to board the truck for Texas. It was pouring rain, so I did not take any pictures, will have to take them of the bikes unloading on Fri instead. I got a parking spot two blocks away, which was wonderful. After only a few minutes of swearing, because while the front wheel will go on 1,2,53 in the garage, whenever I'm in public it gives me a hard time. Let it never be said I do not do my part to amuse my fellow New Yorkers, I walked it the two blocks to the drop off. One coach and one drenched mentor were there waiting to help take the pedals off. Mine needed extra attention because the bike is eighteen years old, and the pedals have never before been removed, although they have had holes drilled in them to MacGyver the cages on.

So, pedals went eventually in plastic bag tied to handle bars, and bike went on the truck. There's no turning back now. At least if TehJerry wants his bike back. which he might not anyway as I've become quite attached to the pesky thing

Originally had planned to walk through the park, but it was still pouring, so took the bus instead and went to Barnes and Noble. Picked up my book club (number 2) book, and found about 10 more that I want. *headdesk* As mom sent back a whole stack with TehJerry, I really need to start reading a book a week. Was my plan for the summer anyway.

Went to church, ate cookies and drank coffee but did not buy more books (go me!), took bus back to my car and got home in plenty of time for the game.

Let's go METS!!!!

Thanks to pokings from evil friends, I have registered. I will never have the energy to list all the books on my shelves again, but I like the "currently reading" and "to read" shelves, those I may possibly keep updating. Tho now it looks like I have read two books and need to read ten - lol.

Feel free to head on over and friend me there.

I have decided not to bother posting zero word counts anymore. Yesterday was what, day 15? right.
Day 15
Word Count: 340
Fandom: SGA
My English copy of Harry Potter arrived today! *bounces*
My ever observant brother noticed "it's got a different cover". Yes dear, it's the British one. Hence the UK at the end of Amazon? It's a wonder this boy has not yet made detective ;)

So: Tonite need to make the brownies for Friday nite book club not that I've made any headway in reading the book, as it's not got Harry or Potter in the title , wrap wedding present to take to rehearsal dinner tomorrow nite as I won't be able to carry both it and the Infamous Corset Dress on Sat. Pack bag of shower stuff and clothes for dinner, so can go to beach tomorrow and straight to wedding rehearsal from there.

FINISH OOTP, and take Half Blood Prince to beach tomorrow. Open new box of tissues for ending of OOTP.

Between beach, weddings, and book clubs, I won't be around much this weekend. Tis a good thing tho, as I am so far unspoiled, and really want to savor my read!

On watching Eureka last nite, I have to say that if there's ever a book eight or possibly a fic of some sort a great title would be "Harry Potter and the Ice Funnel of Death"
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( Sep. 16th, 2006 04:06 pm)
I am having so much fun today - am supposed to be writing my overdue myth fic, so far am paying bills, making grocery listm adding syndicated feeds to my flist, with the result that it will take me hours to read my flist each day but I will only have ONE place to go :).

Need to also register for classes at the Irish Arts Center, and perhaps hop on Amazon. *eyes notebook with barely half a page written*

And if either:

1. Phillie loses today
2. Mets win today

Mets clinch playoff spot :D

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, was going to rec the book I finished last nite.
Another fantasy series, what can I say?

The "Bridge of D'Arnath" series by Carol Berg

Just finished the third one "The Soul Weaver" last nite, and I think the fourth is going to be one-clicked today. As usual, I suck at trying to describe a fantasy series, so follow the link above for descriptions, piccies, and helpful Amazon links - lol.

spoilers book three )

The author belongs to a multi-author blog/forum that was one of the ones I added to my flist. Deep Genre - a cool forum where you can interact and comment on several popular fantasy writers.
Saw a link to this on a another website:

LONDON (AP) -- J.K. Rowling says she won an argument with airport security officials in New York to carry the manuscript of the final ''Harry Potter'' book as carry-on baggage. Had security agents not relented, the British author said on her Web site, she might not have flown.

LOL. This is good news for me, as I plan to buy the boxed set of the first four when I'm in London in February. Possibly the first day, if I can drag [ profile] sgcgategirl to Covent Garden.
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( Aug. 21st, 2006 07:49 pm)
Series of books actually. A most excellent fantasy series of seven books, that I *finally* finished last nite (been watching way too much TV and not reading enough) at 3AM. 3AM for the past two nites, really. And 2AM a couple times before that.... but anyway

The series is "The Crown of Stars" by Kate Elliot. And never mind what it says on her website, here
It *is* complete. Though it took long enough *grin*. I started reading it at least five years ago and was tapping foot impatiently waiting for more.

I really suck at describing books, esp scifi or fantasy, when someone asks me what I'm reading and what is it about, my mouth usually hangs open and I go "duh...... it's a fantasy..." Which is enough to turn off many, which is sad b/c genre books get a bad rap when they are some of the best written... but that's a rant for another time. I'll paste here what it says about the books on the author's website:

The Crown of Stars - official blurb and more of my ramblings )


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