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( Sep. 2nd, 2007 12:54 pm)

My professional dancing debut.

Nope, not quitting the day job.
Went Armenian dancing Friday nite in preparation for the wedding next weekend (and as I just noted to [ profile] katstale I keep typing weeding instead). The dancing was much fun, v. simple, had harder time feeling the beat than I can with irish music, and just cannot grasp the whole arms moving thing, but the footwork was way easy. I'm going to jump into a side rant for just a moment, and say that I am really really really ready for this wedding to be over. We have had so many parties and get togethers and cuteness and fussings in general, and at the moment my feeling is 'love ya both, just do it and head off on that honeymoon already'. [ profile] philippacrawfor's wedding was much simpler. One weekend of parties and much open bar and done. Finito. LOL. plus I got to watch SGA At this point I am looking more forward to going to the beach the day after the wedding than the wedding itself.


Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and I went up to the Catskills for the festival marking the end of Irish Arts Week. Six hours of driving and eight hours of music and dance later, I am exhausted and have no voice, but it really was much fun. I also got a beautiful hand-dyed tunic with a celtic cross on it. I did refrain from buying cds.

In other news I have managed thus far, by reading my f-list with eyes closed, to remain unspoiled for HP7. *bows*. Am 1/3 through rereading OOTP, and have received word from Amazon UK that my order was dispatched. I want to read slowly, I don't want it to end. But on the other hand I need to read it myself as it's only a matter of time before I *am* spoiled.


I think i might need to write HP for the next fic frenzy. Something about Sirius. FCOL I'm getting misty eyed seeing ads for Sirius Satelite radio...

ETA: Someday I shall learn to spell katstale right.
Last nite after much debate over the weather I met a few friends at Lincoln Center for Midsummer Night Swing's Irish nite. Great music, great dancing, much heat and humidity.
At 9:30 with one half hour to go, the heaven opened.
Squealing dancers split up and were hiding under the roof waiting for it to stop, which it never did.

I had nothing with me, b/c they charge you to check your bag. Tee shirt, now very wet, skirt, and teva sandals (which I'd been dancing without so feet were filthy), and a little beltpack for money keys and phone.
Thank goodness there's a pub/restaurant across the street. A little wet hair and clothing is nothing a pint of Guinness and a cheeseburger can't fix ;)

I also borrowed a long sleeve teeshirt from my ceili teacher and it's so comfy I might not give it back.

The thunderstorms did little to clear the air tho - today is hotter and more humid, if that is possible. Now that my laundry is done, I refuse to leave the AC. I've figured out that if i write 1500 words tonite, and 1500 Sat (as I am out again tomorrow nite) I can make an even 10K for fic frenzy :)

which means I need to stop posting
word count: 0
Hours of cardio activity this weekend (dancing): 6
Hours spent in traffic getting home last nite (even tho waiting till sunset to avoid Yankee Stadium traffic): 2
patients seen today: 9
albums purchased from Itunes:2

*is tired, and sore. but in a good way*
word count, day 15:302
word count, day 16:506

Fic completed: SG1 "Prophet of Troy" - done, finished finito! Total word count 20846, and only took three years *g*.

Yes I know it's only 0140 hours of day 16, but as first fic is finished, I am giving myself permission to take a book and go to the beach if I wake up during daylight hours.


*perhaps should not have had that second cup of coffee at midnite.*

In other news, a co-worker broke his arm, so I will be covering a large portion of his caseload for an undetermined amount of time. Which means $$, but also that whole chicken with head cut off deal.

Also, my dance teacher had a recital for her kids tonite, and I helped with the queuing, shhing and squishing ( am good at that, right [ profile] sgcgategirl?) and tying of soft shoes. It went really well, the one teenager who's in my class was amazing in her solos. I forgot my camera :( But just pop in a DVD of Riverdance and you get the idea.

Holy crap it's 2AM....
Have survived the 12 hour dance marathon :D, got home at 1! I cannot walk. Piccies to be posted later. Had a blast tho, and dinner at a french restaurant (because an Irish pub would have just been way too predictable) with some folks from the party were we had a loooong discussion of history and religion - lol.

Tonite will attempt to not spend the whole concert with my feet crossed step-dance style, and thus receiving v. weird looks. Have a couple more songs to memorize so will play them on continuous loop on the train and hope that works.

I have to buy a laptop now, b/c I got an army green neoprene sleeve for it at half price at Eddie Bauer :D Also did a good job (I think) of purchasing clothes that will last two years. And mom is planning activities for us to replace shopping next year :-S

Oh and one more thing before I fetch more coffee....

LET'S GO METS!!!!!!!!!

*fetches broom*
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( Jul. 19th, 2006 10:37 pm)
Am now the proud owner of $135 hard shoes for Irish step dancing as well as new soft shoes w/ *padding*!

Teh hard shoes are weird, feels like I'm stepping on something all the time, plus they will need some breaking in, my heels hurt already and I only used them for 45 minutes. *packs duoderm in dance bag*

So, I'm thinking Jean Butler has nothing to worry about at this point...


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