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( Aug. 12th, 2008 10:26 pm)
*finally* having a chance to watch some olympic swimming tonite, and it's interesting b/c this is the first time watching as a 'real' swimmer myself. I'm noticing stylistic points and uber muscles . Makes me want to be in pool rather than on the couch eating pastry. But hey I did do two half mile loops at Brighton on Sunday. And got a jellyfish sting on the nose to show for it. *nods* Battlescars, baby!
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( Aug. 10th, 2008 10:22 pm)
I really need to learn to breathe to the left...
One Starbucks Iced Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte + One Luna Mini Nutz-over-chocolate before + propel raspberry lemonade powder in water during + 2 scoops Luna recover smoothie after = 5.8 miles in 65 minutes :)

Ok, so it's not gold medal worthy, but not bad for an asthmatic who dislikes running tho enjoys the munching out afterwards .

I'm doing the Nike Human Race in three weeks, and would LOVE to do it in an hour.
Borrowing a page from Joe Mallozzi in titling my posts ;)

I am programmed to run on Wednesday nites, so run I did. Didn't do too badly either - only walked a little. Did the 5 mile loop along the bay, plus the extension under the bridge. It's lovely running in the rain - don't get overheated, and it keeps most of the people away. My new race belt *rocks*. It holds my keys, and a gel or some chews, and Tonks the iPod shuffle can clip to it. Tho today she had to stay in the car b/c of the rain, so instead I listened to the birds, and the waves, and the horns on the Cross Island Parkway... *g* Now I just need to find some running shorts that don't ride up, or I shall have to resort to wearing my diapers tri shorts all summer to run.

The NYC tri is the day after I return from Hungary, so I guess I will not be a cowbell girl for that. But there's always Westchester in the fall :)


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