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( Mar. 18th, 2009 08:30 pm)
Yesterday was a long but fun day. Brunch, then parade, then party/music session at the Irish center in Queens, b/c you know there's no room for traditional Irish musicians in the pubs on St Patrick's Day. *rolls eyes* But our party was more fun anyway :)

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( Jan. 1st, 2009 09:02 pm)
Today they assigned my 5 patients not my own, which was a nice break. No admission so I was finished by 1. Drove out to the island and had lunch at Panera - tomato soup that I totally got hooked on during nano. Then I did a little damage at EMS.

Came home, made tea, did a little more damage on Title Nine, but pics of that will have to wait till delivery. Now I'm all ready for my trip, and The Year of No Clothes Shopping is officially over! I'm going to make a longer post on my other blog about that. Did a little laundry and now am settling in to watch the second half of SpooksFest 2008-2009, and eat pumpkin spice french toast :)

Also need to get started with my writing for [ profile] getyourwordsout, but I promise not to spam with word counts more than once a week!
Was good and went to gym before coming home even tho the ice, snow and wind would have given me an excuse not to. Finished the last paperOrks of the year, prepared list of patients for tomorrow, and otherwise spent the evening in typical form, on couch in pajamas, chatting with people in Egypt, Britain, Hungary, and Long Island. Toasted the New Year with mint chocolate Baileys, and as soon as this episode of Spooks is over, am going to bed.

Have I mentioned how I am a total party animal?

Tomorrow my big plans include seeing patients, shopping for a new raincoat, and writing my 500 words. Go me :)
or more popularly known as Boxing Day I know, but I can't use Boxing Day as an excuse to try to elicit more presents. Not that it works anyway...

Today mum and I went to Walmart to get more fabric for me to make some more shorts. I decided to master the first pattern before I move on to a new one. Also bought a three drawer rubbermaid sewing bin like [ profile] theyllek has. Will take pics of that stuff once I get it home, as it has remained in the Jumper.

Last night I managed to finally book a hotel in Cardiff for the week before the week before P4. On a "quiet tree lined street" a bit away from the city centre, with free wifi and tea making facilities. Yeah, I'm SUCH the party animal.

Now I just need to get the London week sorted.

But not now as I am being summoned to make the salad for dinner.


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