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( Aug. 23rd, 2006 08:57 pm)
So I never actually made it to dance class tonite...

Finished work too late to make first class, so thought ok, will just lie down for a minute then go to second.

Famous last words. Next thing I know it's 7:15 and too late to make the 7:00. LOL

So, here is the issue that I put forth to my Omniscient F-List for ideas:
I know I have no energy in the afternoon/early evening b/c I don't eat enough during the day. I'm not a morning person, so it hard for me to put anything other than coffee in my mouth before leaving the house. All the healthy magazines give these menus and eating plans that require 1. much preparation and 2. Foods that are not so easy to eat in the car, which is where I eat lunch. (you should see my parking break and gear box already....)

I don't like to stop working till I'm done, and don't really want to buy lunch everyday, tho that might be the way I have to go... and my patient area is primarily residential, tho I can find a deli or two, can't have that food every day either...

So - ideas? I have a cooler in the car, but no way to heat things.


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