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( May. 3rd, 2009 11:13 pm)
Yesterday I went out to the island with some dance buddies for a 'wimp walk' - walking in park and birdwatching. It was raining when we started, but as we set a precedent last time for not letting rain get in our way we went ahead. Just as we came out of the woods and onto a hill overlooking the sound, the sun came out, and stayed out for the rest of the day! I even got a little sunburned b/c I hadn't brought glasses or sunscreen. I had my driving glasses from the car, but they kept falling off when I put them on top of my head to use the binoculars.

we saw some lovely ospreys, including a mommy bringing back a fish to her baby, which sadly put the McD's commercial in my head and had me singing "Gimme da feeeeesh"

I waded in the water a bit and beach combed also - got to show off my North Shore Girl shell knowledge *g*.

Afterward we had dinner at a local diner and drove home along the water with a gorgeous sunset.

Today the weather was not so nice. We had the Irish Dance Festival in Riverside park, which fortunately had a rain location under the the highway (way nicer than it sounds), but not too much of a crowd. We had fun anyway and my drum sounded great. Everything in my bag, my bag, and my clothes and jacket are still damp tho.

Piccies later in the week, for I am about to faceplant. marathon continues with Book Club tomorrow nite, then Monk Lessons and Irish session Tues. Thurs I have off, but my to do list, which I think has grown teeth and might bite me soon, has already eaten it.
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( Apr. 28th, 2009 01:54 pm)
It's over 80 degrees for the 4th day in a row, and I finally caved and put the AC on in my room. It's my day off and I have no motivation to leave the house until I have to later. So I am puttering around paying bills and such, doing a little sewing, tho I need something known as Fusible Interfacing before I can go much further...

Tonite I have the first of a three part seminar at church called "The Way of the Monk", about contemplative prayer, etc. I'm calling it "Monk Lessons" for short :) After that I'm heading over to Dempseys for the Irish Trad session, so we'll see how that combo pans out *g*

Am almost finished with the book club book, and started another on my pile as well. I can almost see the bottom of my book basket, which means Kindle time may be coming soon!

I'd like to go out on the bike, but should prob give my knee another day or two...
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( Apr. 20th, 2009 07:50 pm)
Had a wonderful and very busy weekend out in the woods - Irish Dance Weekend at the Mohican Outdoor Center, run by the AMC. We danced, hiked, danced, hiked, and ate. Much. Sleeping however, not so much. There were many snorers, and I am cursed with being the world's lightest sleeper. The one that wakes up if a floorboard creaks in a building three blocks away? Yup, that would be me.

The second night one of my friends and I hauled our sleeping bags out to the living room and slept on the couches, which was actually pretty nice as there had been a fire in the fireplace and it was dying embers at that point. In the morning we learned one of the other ladies had given up on the bunk rooms too and went to sleep in her car.


It was 55-75 degrees the whole weekend and Jumper One's back seats and one of his front seats fold down. Plus I have the moon roof. Why didn't I think of that??

Anyway, we had a Festivus Miracle coming home - no traffic on the 9th circle of hell GW Bridge, and I was in bed by9:30 last nite. Got nearly 11 hours of sleep, but apparently it wasn't enough as instead of going to Yoga I slept another two and half hours this afternoon.

Will upload the million or so pics my friend took with my camera later.
Ok, I might possibly have stopped at CVS b/c I needed some sinus meds, and might possibly have bought two dark chocolate bunnies, and many M&Ms and jelly beans and reeses eggs. Might also have filled plastic eggs with said items and placed them in my robot Easter basket, affectionately known as EasterBot.

*shares choccie with f-list*

Off in a bit to a performance of Mark's Gospel sponsored by my church, as tomorrow I will be going to see Gaelic Storm instead. *bounces*

Tis gorgeous out and I was hoping to squeeze a run in too, but paperOrks are not yet done. Oh well. *munches more jelly beans*
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( Apr. 3rd, 2009 08:51 pm)
Needles, check
yarn, check
two movies on tivo, and pouring rain outside, check

We are ready for take three!

my able assistant )

Oh and I also went to Chiro and got back cracked after work, and then came home and cleaned out file cabinet. The one that hasn't been cleaned out since we moved here. I found old typewritten manuscript of my (still unfinished) start trek novel from college, my old Sharp Wizard organizer with one whole megabyte of memory, and a real antiquity: floppy disks!

So far a productive start to the weekend :)

And the Mets are in their first rain delay at Citifield, at the train stop "formerly known as Shea" Go them.
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( Mar. 21st, 2009 11:19 pm)
Had a very productive day today :) Saw 7 patients, though did not finish in time to haul self into Manhattan for writer's group so instead went to Panera where I managed 1067 words, three glasses of iced tea and three trips to oma, etc. Fortunately Chuck is too big to steal :P. I used my usual magic trick for jumpstarting writing, started a new story. *headdesk* It's a disease.

Went for a five mile run, will give myself another week before I add on mile six. Cut and coloured hair, tho it didn't come out quite as light as I was planning, it's just a shade darker than [ profile] shippygem's.

Spent the evening thus far vegging. I now have only one unwatched episode of Spooks left *sads*. So I will save it for tomorrow, and read book club book. I have about 100 pages to go, and am loving it.

For those who had read "Fool" already, and also watched BSG last week and this week:

very slight spoiler )
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( Mar. 8th, 2009 02:00 pm)
Taxes are done - woohoo! I might have enough to get a bike *and* a kindle! I think I will make myself a rule that I have to hit the bottom of my to read pile before I can buy a kindle. Which means no new paper books, except book club books till these are gone. We'll see how that works.

Oh, [ profile] philippacrawfor, I think i've figured out why I like CS Lewis so much - his nickname was Jack! Also, I have a third Spooks fic ready for you - regretting this yet?

Right. Foods and then walk on beach with mum. Now that time has actually changed, the clocks that my dad had already set at 2PM yesterday are no longer freaking me out...
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( Feb. 27th, 2009 09:14 pm)
I just did this Carbon Footprint Calculator and it tells me I am BigFoot!

How can this be??

Apparently I need to become an organic vegan posthaste!

Tho, I am a bit miffed they had no option for sewing own clothes. Yeah, I've made a pair and a half of shorts, but still. It should count for something.
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( Feb. 24th, 2009 02:05 pm)
I have no phone, but internets are working.. Perhaps [ profile] theyllek and I should pool our resources? Actually, it doesn't bother me too much - if it were the other way around I'd be freaking. tho I do have a neighbor with an unsecured router

So I called and dealt with the very annoying automated menu person at Verizon, who seemed to be getting more and more annoyed with me as I was not being very cooperative and kept asking to speak to a real person. She even told me huffily that the automated menu is fully qualified to solve many problems. Now I have visions of a Dr Who like incident where the AutoMatedMenuPeople come and attack me while I sleep....

Finally got a person, and did their prerequisite unplug replug everything etc, called back, dealt with AAMMP, got live person again, who agreed to send someone tomorrow between 8 and 2. Which means TehJerry will have to get his butt out of bed before I leave for Orks.

Dude just called me on my cell to say he tested the line and it appears to be working b/c it's rining. *rolls eyes* I pick up phone. Um, no dial tone. So you have to come, and fix the problem at the box, where it has been the last twenty times this has happened. He helpfully told me he'd also check my DSL, which is very nice, but that's working thankyouverymuch, as I am presently chatting with the Hungarian.

Right. Now back to making pancakes for Pancake Day.
There should be random testing, I'm thinking.

It's cold. Very cold. And windy. Very windy.

I have to Ork tomorrow and Sunday :P And am going out to big ceili and session tomorrow nite anyway!

Also, I haz Amazon GC. So all in all not too bad :)
Of which i shall not bore with details, but when I saw my second to last patient she was teasing me b/c she missed me and asked me who I was.

Me: I'm not sure....

Anyway I think I have Ork stuff as sorted as it's gonna get tonite. Skipped the gym in favor of a pot of tea as reward for dealing with the ice and snow and rain today. So now I just need to:

-make dinner
-type a con report
-write 500 words
-read 50 pages of book club book
-watch House and one ep of Spooks
-be in bed by 10

I'm not liking my chances.
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( Jan. 5th, 2009 12:03 am)
Got up today and the sky was way to blue to stay inside. So i got out the book I got for Christmas on Hiking Long Island, took a drive out to Nassau and went for a walk in a nature preserve on the sound. Piccies are here. I tested out my new jacket from EMS and it worked very well.

On the way back I stopped at Panera for a sandwich and some writing. So all in all a productive day :)
or more popularly known as Boxing Day I know, but I can't use Boxing Day as an excuse to try to elicit more presents. Not that it works anyway...

Today mum and I went to Walmart to get more fabric for me to make some more shorts. I decided to master the first pattern before I move on to a new one. Also bought a three drawer rubbermaid sewing bin like [ profile] theyllek has. Will take pics of that stuff once I get it home, as it has remained in the Jumper.

Last night I managed to finally book a hotel in Cardiff for the week before the week before P4. On a "quiet tree lined street" a bit away from the city centre, with free wifi and tea making facilities. Yeah, I'm SUCH the party animal.

Now I just need to get the London week sorted.

But not now as I am being summoned to make the salad for dinner.
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( Dec. 11th, 2008 09:58 pm)
I did not get everything accomplished today that I wanted, but enough to make me happy :)

Had some quality coffee and book time this morning afternoon. Then went for a run in the rain, only one other nutcase was on the loop with me, but it actually was not bad. My cap kept the water out of my face. My bandanna kept my ears warmish, and my windstopper jacket did a fair job of stopping water as well. My base layer was actually pretty dry when i got home. Five miles in a little under an hour - not great, but not bad. I've been doing the treadmill thing for a while, but really need to get out at least once a week. The challenge is it needs to be before dark because the loop I use is pretty deserted after dark, unlike central park. Which is why I decided to do it today rain or shine.

Finished making the shorts I started last week, so i have completed my goal of making something wearable by the end of the year! (Though they will not be worn outside the house.)

Made cookies for book club tomorrow, and sweet potato mash for dinner.

So all in all a productive day :)

piccies under cut )
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( Dec. 10th, 2008 12:02 am)
This week i have a record four evenings free - and so far have wasted two of them vegging and watching TV. Also crashed for a couple hours today when I got home from work because i had one of those headaches that you wake up with and won't go away until you go back to bed.

I have Thursday off, and keep adding everything I need to do to the "oh I'll do that thursday while I'm off" list. At this rate Thursday is going to need to be forty-eight hours.

Then Friday nite starts the week of parties - the next time I'll be home in the evening will be the following fri.


Friday - book club #1
Sat - Christmas Ceili in Mineola
Sun - Church
Mon - Book club #2
Tues- music session/party
Wed- writer's group at church
Thurs - Office party
Fri- roll home and collapse.

Am detoxing this week in preparation :)
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( Dec. 7th, 2008 10:40 pm)
It is Teh Freezing outside. Which is putting me in the mood for Christmas, especially after singing Christmas music this morning in church.

So, and since TehJerry got the rubbermaid decoration bin in from the garage which I think was a hint, I put up the holiday decorations, and wrapped my family presents during my now traditional watching of "Love Actually". And [ profile] emosweet, remember you promised to make me a nano icon of Colin Firth and the papers flying into the lake for next year! I need to find a lobster to put in my creche...

My December word count goal has been epic fail thus far. I lugged Chuck around all day yesterday from choir practice to writer's group to dinner and to TGIO party, and wrote a whopping 330 words. Considering how crazy the next couple weeks are going to be I should probably just give up and start fresh in January. The next couple of evening I shall actually be home, however. GASP SHOCK :)

And I am thoroughly exhausted, so this will be all. Except I just added "teh" to my user dictionary, because it keeps getting changed to "the" as soon as I move the cursor away. Yes, I am pathetic.

ETA: I found a beanie lobster from I think Boston, and put him next to the sheep. heh.
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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 10:38 pm)
After loafing for most of last week after winning nano, I decided to make it my goal to write 500 words a day in December. I started off the month in grand style, by goofing off online instead of writing, and attaining a whopping word count of 0. Tonite I said I would write 1000 to make up for yest, and ended up with 508. I'll take it.

Anyone know where I can get a non-nano word count widget thingie?

I was fairly productive otherwise in using the last of the turkey parts to make soup, that I think we will be eating till after Christmas. Also made chocolate pudding to use up all the leftover whipped cream. Did my laundry which is all hanging to dry in tehJerry's room, since the living room is taken up with the board I have my first official (as in potentially wearable) sewing project laid out upon. TehJerry won't be back till Sat nite anyway. If I start a sewing project every time he goes on vacation, I might have an entire wardrobe by the end of next year.
This year I'm taking a break from the flurry of christmas cards and presents, and going to enjoy the actual holiday season!

So no, cards, and no pressies except for family, and instead I've taken the money I would have spent and giving water via The Advent Conspiracy

If anyone wants to send me a card anyway, they are more than welcome, and will have a place of honor on the TV. Just wanted you to know why you won't get one back :)
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( Nov. 29th, 2008 11:47 pm)
So at the gym today I set down my water bottle, towel, shuffle, and little packet of powdered propel before ducking into the bathroom. I came out, and the propel was gone.


Someone stole my packet of electrolyte powder, but left my headphones and ipod shuffle?

Someone must just really really like the grape flavor... Next time I will mix it before using the facilities, in case there is someone mainlining it.

Then my shuffle ended up dying anyway halfway through my run, which sucked because I hate 99% of the music at the gym, and all that was on tv was college football and infomercials for the shark mop.

Hey there's a nano challenge if anyone needs one for the last few words:

"All I asked for was a frikkin shark mop with a frikkin laser beam."

also we really suck at naming colleges. I mean Oklahoma vs Oklahoma state? what is that?

Saw Bond with the boyz and loved it! I'm going to need to get both movies on dvd now and watch them back to back. It also wanted me to watch more Spooks for some strange reason... ;)
I will have three evenings in, including tonite. I know! Rare thing!

So I need to decide what to watch. I just burned season 6 of Spooks to dvd. I still have Bonekickers that I dled ages ago.. Season 7 ep 7 of Spooks is coming, which will be a no brainer and everything must stop to watch when it's done b/c duh, RA.

I also have two movies on tivo.

And my amazon order came today....

Life is rough :)


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