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( Dec. 14th, 2008 10:00 pm)
One of my favorite Christmas songs, so I thought I'd share :)

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( Nov. 14th, 2008 09:49 pm)
No, not John, as one of my facebook friends thought.
A great accordion player and the father of Joanie Madden of "Cherish the Ladies"
I just saw him play with her a few weeks ago. He passed away tonite :(

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( Aug. 7th, 2008 12:05 am)
1044 words, on a Robin Hood crackfic which is seriously all RA' s fault.

Shall have to finish it tomorrow, as it's midnite and I need to finish this Irish mystery that [ profile] whatthefaith sent me, so I can make a valiant effort at my book club book over the weekend. The book (irish one tho book club book is pretty good so far too) is very good, the only problem is I've been listening to "Darcy's Donkey" from the new Gaelic Storm album a bit too much, and every time I see the words 'garda' and 'Donegal' I start to giggle.

*raises glass to Darcy's Ass*
The current song eating my brain is Raglan Road, a song to a traditional Irish tune called "The Dawning of the Day", the lyrics are a poem by Patrick Kavanagh.

On Raglan Road on an autumn day I met her first and knew
That her dark hair would weave a snare that I might one day rue;
I saw the danger, yet I walked along the enchanted way,
And I said, let grief be a fallen leaf at the dawning of the day.

On Grafton Street in November we tripped lightly along the ledge
Of the deep ravine where can be seen the worth of passion's pledge,
The Queen of Hearts still making tarts and I not making hay -
O I loved too much and by such and such is happiness thrown away.

I gave her gifts of the mind I gave her the secret sign that's known
To the artists who have known the true gods of sound and stone
And word and tint. I did not stint for I gave her poems to say.
With her own name there and her own dark hair like clouds over fields of May

On a quiet street where old ghosts meet I see her walking now
Away from me so hurriedly my reason must allow
That I had wooed not as I should a creature made of clay -
When the angel woos the clay he'd lose his wings at the dawn of day.

I have three versions of Raglan Road on CD. My current favorite, and the one that is eating my brain is the newest one I have, by the Young Dubliners.

The first one I ever heard was from The Chieftains in their Tears of Stone album. This version is too slow and dragged out for me, so the words never had a chance to sink in.

The third version, and my second fav is the Chieftains again, but this time with Van Morrison, which makes all the difference. It has more of a marchy feel, and I love how he sort of acts out some of the lyrics.

I can also play it in the tin whistle, but no worries, I won't upload a file of that ;)

And yeah, that word count would be a zero...
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( Sep. 22nd, 2006 11:45 pm)
Some samplings of my favorite bands: )

And SGA was WONDERFUL. No spoilers here, as am still chuckling and processing. Maybe later.
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( Sep. 21st, 2006 02:10 pm)
I uploaded this for [ profile] koalathebear but anyone else who wants it feel to grab.

"Fish and Get Fat" by Gaelic Storm

No more LJ spam until apartment is clean, I promise!


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