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( Feb. 12th, 2009 06:55 pm)
I should not complain. I have a job. And more work = more money. But work has been so busy ever since I got back from vacation,between the actual visits and the phone calls and the paperwork, I've had little or no time or energy for anything else. Have bailed on friends twice this week for evening plans b/c I just want to go bed. I saw 47 patients this last week, and the requirement for my benefits is 30!

Anyway, the other nurse that shares my health area is coming back from her vacation next week. i might kiss her feet So things should let up a bit.

On the bright side, I should be able to buy my bike this spring. And I've managed to write a little each nite while vegging in front of TV, though am still about 6K behind on my yearly word count.
Of which i shall not bore with details, but when I saw my second to last patient she was teasing me b/c she missed me and asked me who I was.

Me: I'm not sure....

Anyway I think I have Ork stuff as sorted as it's gonna get tonite. Skipped the gym in favor of a pot of tea as reward for dealing with the ice and snow and rain today. So now I just need to:

-make dinner
-type a con report
-write 500 words
-read 50 pages of book club book
-watch House and one ep of Spooks
-be in bed by 10

I'm not liking my chances.
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( Dec. 20th, 2007 09:19 am)
Managed to make the group run last nite even tho was raining, and had just had the usual monthly hyper two hour meeting with Number 4, and had not touched my admission paperOrk.


Only "hard core" people showed up, meaning the coaches, the mentors, and a few wee idiots like me. *g*. We did a 36 minute run and they spared us the core exercises in mud puddles. Central Park is actually very pretty in the rain at night. We ran from Columbus Circle up past the Met and back. Well, others got further, but I was quite happy with that. Brought up the rear the whole time, but kept others in my sites (helped that the coaches kept dropping back to check on me *g*) and I figure all the other slow pokes didn't bother to come out.

Today tho - I am *beat*. I have two admissions and haven't even done yesterdays. And am already stressed about tomorrow b/c have dinner plans at 5:30 and Fridays are traditionally hellish. Tonite also I must swim. Thankfully my fellowship group won't meet till next year so I can come home and try to crash before I get my second wind at 11!
The Good:

1. Have decided to do the No Clothes for a Year thing, starting in January which gives me plenty time to research and plan.

2. Finished a fic ON TIME. Yeah, I know!! Have joined [ profile] ficfrenzy in hopes of finishing more.

The Bad:

Evil evil Ork mainframe discovered Chippy the flash drive and disabled his driver.
The really really bad thing is Friday I got a taste of what it's like to have a laptop to write on and now I really really really really want one. *sigh* Now I'm going to sit in the coffee shop between dance classes tonite with my book, wishing I had a lappy...

But on the bright side, its a gorgeous day if you ignore the pollen *sneezes*, finished Ork early, and will dance dance dance all nite and all day Sat :)
And did I mention I finished a fic?
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( Apr. 23rd, 2007 04:39 pm)
Am officially dialing up this Ork computer for the last time!! At 2:30 tomorrow afternoon it gets traded in for the new supposedly actually a real genuine laptop model, which I have already in anticipation named Chuck.

I have high hopes for Chuck, which at this time tomorrow may be dashed... :-S
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( Sep. 22nd, 2006 08:36 pm)
Why yes it is! Tho I'm Orking tomorrow, so it's not quite friday yet in that sense.

cut for grumbling and whining about Ork )

Anyway the traffic going home from the office just sort of led me to Target, and after $135 of retail therapy, I feel much better. Bought a cordless desktop, some new headphones, and more workout clothes (so that counts as a workout, right?) Got a Lizzie outfit *grin* Red coolmax shirt and grey pants! Will prob only wear the shirt at Peg2.

Plus, 1.5 hours to Ronon :)


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