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( Feb. 3rd, 2007 04:54 pm)
I had Dan Payne sign the scrapbook page with his pics from NJ. We congratulated each other on surviving trips to that scary state, then he admitted he'd gotten a ticket in the NYC subway that weekend for jumping a turnstyle. I hope it wasn't TehJerry that wrote the ticket - LOL! I told him next time ask the cop if his sister is a stargate fan.

Oh and when David H was onstage, they had a Cyberman come out and give him a Dr Who teeshirt. He's a big DW fan all his life. He said he was happy to be where people knew about DW, b/c Americans don't.
I yelled some of us do!

Tho I still say the action figure that [ profile] shippygem was playing with last nite, looks more like my Mulder action figure and nothing like David Tennant....

Yesh, really going now.

Unless I think of something else before Dee takes the comp away from me.
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( Feb. 3rd, 2007 04:05 pm)
Today we spent 4+ hours in the photoshoot, working as stewards. I was in charge of the shushing and squishing the queue inside the room, and Dee was directing the queue outside. We missed nearly all the sessions, but got to watch all the actors taking pictures. David Nykl (who has loosened up incredibly since SG10) is known as the "insane David", which implies David Hewlett is sane, but I don't think so... :D
They are all total clowns.

We had two surprise guests, Aaron Douglas and Chuck Campbell - the HUCT! He actually signed my autograph that way when I told him what his nickname is. He drew a heart, wrote Unnamed Canadian technician, and then drew a smiley face with his eyebrows. David H wants to see my scrapbook when it's done, and Kate wrote "nice to meet you... again" She remembered Dee and me from NY, but wasn't sure at first where she knew us from -thought maybe we'd been to school with her.

Newsflash from David H - Ronon is big. But Jason is afraid of David, apparently. David would like to direct and episode so he could tell Joe Flanigan what to do. He does a great impression of Joe, and so does Jane, we hear, when she runs lines with David.

Jane's father, Don Loughman-in-law (david's name for him) is just totally adorable. He goes to a friend's house every wednesday "to watch David's program" because he doesn't have sky. he was director of a theater just across from Buckingham Palace for 30 years, where Jane grew up (over the theater, not in the palace), and had several royals including the queen once attend one of his shows. He talked to us for ages after we told him we'd come from NY and it was Dee's first time in London. He really really encouraged us to go see Buckingham palace - lol, then dragged Jane over to tell us other things to do.

David is still sick from "the dodgy oyster" but certainly gets a good sportsmanship award for coming to the con anyway and doing everything. Hope we haven't traumatized him too much -lol

Dee FINALLY got her photo tickets for David Cubed (David H and then both Davids together). So Ronon Bear will be holding her seat tomorrow while she's queuing (I think for Americans we are doing quite well at this queing thing, as well as milling, and loitering with a purpose).

We are off soon to lurk outside the party and hijack the actors when they duck out to the bar. *evil grin*
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( Feb. 1st, 2007 05:59 am)
Well, not yet, but we should be looking shortly.
Due to the whole strike thing, we had an almost empty flight - 40 people total! I've never seen such a big plane so empty. I guess we were the only ones who didn't take our refund and run.

Anyway we are here at the Thistle - rm 230 if anyone is looking for us. Showering then heading into town to try to keep awake for tonite :)
Well, Teh Hewlett, actually :D

And renew aquantaince with my old friend Ben.

Y'all behave yourselves while I'm gone!

Dee see ya in an hour; Karrie, Amanda, Clari, Gem and anyone else I forget, see ya sooooooooooon!
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( Jan. 20th, 2007 10:50 am)
Stewarding for Peg 2 :D

Have sent info and lovely pic *snerk*

And now must go do some Ork - 2 admissions and a recert, oh my....


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