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( Jan. 29th, 2008 12:42 am)
I'm actually typing this on the plane home, so my Friday, Saturday and sunday might be a wee bit blurred together...

First off we hooked up with [ profile] ses_gatergirl in London, after a wee bit of confusion over which Paddington underground station was which. Left our luggage at the Best Western and rushed off for an ADD tour of Buckingham Palace. "Look, palace! gates! guards! park! Ok time for lunch" We did also duck into the shop where Jane's father had told us we should go last year.

Up to Covent Garden for lunch - soup and cream tea :) And then back to the hotel to begin the lovely process of lugging all of our stuff to first the train, and then the bus to the thistle. Having five of us really helped, as three hopped on the ticket queue while the other two checked in and lugged the bags. Dunno who got the better deal. I'll put the rest of the con stuff into cuts so as not to clutter up the f lists.

Meet and Greet )

Sat am we got up bright and early to queue for good seats.

Kavan )

It seems I have more notes for Kavan than anyone else. Jonathon did not impress me to say the least, and will have no further mention in this post. Paul was just too much fun to watch and I forgot to write things down, so I'll try to remember some! Ditto for Andee.

Dean )

Torri )

Andee )

Saving the best for the last:

Paul )

At the closing ceremony both Torri and Kavan got down on their knees in front of Paul. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera back out fast enough.
We watched "A Dog's Breakfast" in the room, and then went back for the Sunday nite party. Even did a little con dancing. And I'm quite afraid that [ profile] sgcgategirl might have taken some video of that...

I'm also afraid that we might have accidentally queued for and bought tickets to Pegasus 4...
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( Jan. 26th, 2008 11:17 pm)
Pictures from yesterday morning and today's con pics here.

We are watching "Harmony" on Dee's computer and I am trying to type quietly....


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