Words written this week: 104
*sigh* why do I sign up for ficathons, when I am never motivated to actually write the stories I'm given?

I did how ever write a list of things to do this week, and a grocery list for both regular store and BJ's (wholesale place)
Finished reading two books, ordered four more from Amazon.

Went to a ceili, practiced my new step dance steps (ok only once, w/ ipod in one hand and notebook speeling out step in the other), went running (well really more walking. It was HOT today. And since I only walked, took way longer than I thought and wound up stumbling in the door at 3:30 when was supposed to catch 4:00 train to church. Meep. Military style shower, run for train, and I even had time to stop at Jamba Juice before rehersal. *bow*

Teh Frakkin Mets are making things interesting. I don't want interesting. I want to win. Now, please.

*contemplates writing, or reading book that was started last nite, and thinks book will win out*


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