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( Oct. 18th, 2007 06:14 pm)
Went to Target and did not buy any clothes!

However I did buy:

an Eddie Bauer sport duffel to replace the cheap one that ripped last weekend
an exercise ball
chocolate for nanowrimo rewards
DVD of "Finding Neverland" (9.99)
stuff for brownies
shampoo, hair color
Zicam and chewable vit C to fight weather change
trail mix
and pizza hut for lunch/dinner
Weather said 70% chance of rain at beach, so went to Target instead.

So $90 later we have a new sport duffel for new shoes (see last post), a new green hoodie (yes I know I have 2 green sweatshirts already, one of them hooded. Your point?), new Titanium strengthened sports bra guaranteed to make me look like Teyla (if not I want my money back), birthday card for TehJerry (whose pressie from Amazon marketplace is still in orbit somewhere...), airfreshener for car w/ snarky bunny on it, new sunshade for car, and various and sundry samples for trip south on Sat.

Add to that $33 for gas, and $20 on Itunes this am and it's been a productive week...

ETA: Forgot I bought a 6 pack of no show socks, and a teeshirt on clearance. B/c y'all were just DYING to know that...


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