She's baaaaaack.
The wedding was wonderful, and piccies will be posted once am coherant enough to do so.
All the people were lovely, the parties were awesome.
Much food, wine and baileys were consumed. Especially after the reception in the bar, till oh 2AM or so. Ended up going to bed at 4AM, figuring when I get home tomorrow I can crash.


Then came the trip home. )
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( Jun. 7th, 2006 03:44 pm)
Once again there is free internet in the hotel, tho I'm thinking this is the last time - tomorrow we leave this hotel for the last one, which has a spa w/ a saline pool :)

Yesterday we hiked 12 miles then took a cable car down to the village where we're staying. Took way too many pictures of mountains w/ snow. Along the way we became engineers, making a bridge out of a board to get across a stream, fought off cows on the trail (tho these weren't the fighting cows that our guide was telling us about - we didn't believe him until I produced a postcard of them. I still held out till we tried google and made sure it was true.) The reward at the end of the hike was bier and fries by the cable car. then for dinner we had "steak of pig" translation pork chops. Fortunately not steak of fly the horse... which I have read is imported from the US - lolol.

Today we had a free day, decided not to take a train 2 hours and pay almost 200 francs in train and cable car fair to see the MAtterhorn, instead took a train to the next biggest town, walked around, had fondue, did some damage shopping (O'Neill shirt on clearance! and a cool bag. Also a marmot playing the accordion. we saw real ones yest. Marmots. not accordians. Tho I know people who play them.) Also saw a cool old church that had up near the altar, in one of the little chapel/shrines a *skeleton*. wearing clothes. And posed on it's side w/ a real creepy grin. He seriously looked like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean. We think it was the dude in the painting above, but I think if I went to church there I'd ahve to sit on the other side...

OK time to go back out for sme ice cream and chocolate. Did I mention we walked 12 miles? I think I deserve about a pound of chocolate....


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