Yesterday I went out to the island with some dance buddies for a 'wimp walk' - walking in park and birdwatching. It was raining when we started, but as we set a precedent last time for not letting rain get in our way we went ahead. Just as we came out of the woods and onto a hill overlooking the sound, the sun came out, and stayed out for the rest of the day! I even got a little sunburned b/c I hadn't brought glasses or sunscreen. I had my driving glasses from the car, but they kept falling off when I put them on top of my head to use the binoculars.

we saw some lovely ospreys, including a mommy bringing back a fish to her baby, which sadly put the McD's commercial in my head and had me singing "Gimme da feeeeesh"

I waded in the water a bit and beach combed also - got to show off my North Shore Girl shell knowledge *g*.

Afterward we had dinner at a local diner and drove home along the water with a gorgeous sunset.

Today the weather was not so nice. We had the Irish Dance Festival in Riverside park, which fortunately had a rain location under the the highway (way nicer than it sounds), but not too much of a crowd. We had fun anyway and my drum sounded great. Everything in my bag, my bag, and my clothes and jacket are still damp tho.

Piccies later in the week, for I am about to faceplant. marathon continues with Book Club tomorrow nite, then Monk Lessons and Irish session Tues. Thurs I have off, but my to do list, which I think has grown teeth and might bite me soon, has already eaten it.


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