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([personal profile] alasse_fae May. 9th, 2009 11:23 pm)

I admit it. I am a trekkie. Forget the politically correct trekker. Even tho it was canceled the year I was born, I watched reruns all the time growing up, as my parents were fans, and by the time I was a senior in high school could name that episode in about three seconds.

TNG premiered the year I was a freshman in college, and even tho I sort of drifted away into stargate fandom (tho, they don't have to be mutually exclusive, surely?), the cancellation of Enterprise a couple years ago marked the end of an era.

Until now :)

The movie totally and completely rocked. Bloody brilliant. I can't gush enough, so let's break it down, shall we? hey, I warned you.

Kirk: Love. Much love. Uber love. The casting, the acting, completely the rebellious, cocky, off the cuff Kirkness, without the side of Shatner ham. Have I mentioned love? I think I'm in love. yo, [ profile] emosweet, i'm gonna need an even bigger harem..

Spock: Much love again. Great casting, especially also the child Spock. It was also wonderful to see Leonard Nimoy :) I'm totally for Spock/Uhura. Why should Kirk get all the girls? And why should an intelligent female character not fall for the brainy guy? In later official novels, they tried to sell the Spock/Saavik ship, but I never bought that, as I saw their relationship as father/daughter. so, squick. Bring on the scientist/linguist. And forget interracial kiss, we got interspecies :D GeekLove!

Uhura: see above. an intelligent, competent female character. *not* lusting after Kirk. And also the absence of a Nurse Chapel or Yeoman Rand. Can i get an 'amen'?

Bones: Wow. Just wow. He was totally channeling Deforest Kelley. The accent, the mannerisms, the Spock/McCoy squabbling. we even got a "Dammit, I'm a doctor" :) Pass me a mint julep.

Scotty: Sorry, Paul. *hugs* But the casting of Scotty was perfect as well. Great accent, great comic relief. Tho - he killed Porthos??

Sulu & Chekov: great casting yet again, and a few steps above the ethic stereotypes of the originals.

The Enterprise: I had no issues with the design - loved that the engine room looked quite a bit like the one in "Enterprise". And the original Captain's Chair.

Continuity: The alternate reality caused by Spock explained away most continuity issues quite neatly. Also gave a satisfying Dr Who-ish end to the Spock storyline - repopulating Vulcan in another reality. The only remaining flaw I found was the absence of Jim's older brother, Sam. Also, whiny Cameron from House as Winona Kirk? Not too sure about that one *g*.

loved - the parallel glimpses of Kirk's and Spock's childhoods. The Kobayashi Maru! The redshirt! Captain Pike! Sarek!

hated - they destroyed my favorite planet *sob* And killed Amanda *sobs again*

right. I am going to need a Spock/Uhura userpic with the caption "GeekLove" Any takers?

Gah. Now I want to dig out my horrendous TOS novel I started in college and work on it again. *headdesk*
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