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( Nov. 28th, 2008 08:44 pm)
I neglected to take pictures of the feast yesterday - only remembered when I saw [ profile] theyllek's and by then was too late.

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( Oct. 5th, 2008 12:26 am)
we tried to get bbq. we really really did.Had a recommended place in the hotel magazine. Got GPS directions to [ profile] philippacrawfor's phone (which guided us onto an ez tag only portion of the tollway. oops. well it's a rental car.) Followed said directions and arrived at restaurant to see find it closed. Really closed. As is grass growing in parking lot. Probably was storm damage and we didn't even think to check first.

So we ended up at an italian restaurant. Mmmmm. pasta, pizza, focacia bread. Left overs for breakfast.

barbecue, shmarbecue.
After a whirlwind week at work - I swear my head is still spinning! But much money for traveling :) I went with my manager (aka Number 4) and facilitators to a dinner sponsored by Johnson and Johnson, with a wound care presentation. The presentation sucked. The weather sucked (rain. much rain), and many people didn't show. The food and drink? Amazing! V. nice Italian restaurant in Rego Park, I snagged some business cards and maybe our Ork holiday party will be there.

Alas I did not have my camera with me to photo the food ala JM and Koala, but we had many appetizers: clams, stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, rolled eggplant thingie which has fancy Italian name which I forget. Then salads, entres and canolis for dessert. Huge bottles of wine on the table, which was very good tho i had to switch to coke after one glass since I had been conned into asked to drive.

We were the last to leave, with doggie bags in tow, and Number 4 cracked me up by asking the waiters for corks so we could take the wine. I got a huge full bottle of white, and will take it with me on my weekend - just hope the cork holds!

And tomorrow am, after slight detour to auto parts store as my car headlight is out *again*, am off to the Delaware water gap for hiking and Irish dancing. :) No cell phone reception much less computer so again Chuck gets left behind. He deserves a rest, esp now as he needs to prepare for Nano.

Back sometime Sunday, all depending on the Ninth Circle of Hell George Washington Bridge.


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