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( Aug. 29th, 2006 06:57 pm)
So apparently, every time it rains heavily, my phone goes out. This is the third time this spring, tho Friday evening when it happened the dial tone came back all by itself just in time for a telemarketer from Arizona to call us.

Today I get home, no dial tone. But for some strange reason, the dsl works. Go figure. Now there is a good side and bad side to this.

good side: telemarketers cannot call
bad side: work tablet has dialup modem, cannot upload work and download case w/ the overdue recert OASIS my manager needs me to do tonite. *waits while all eyes but those of [ profile] arrenall glaze over.*

So - was able to submit repair request to the Dark Side of the Force Verizon, but they gave me appt for Saturday morning. Plus I'm working this weekend, and I absolutely refuse to drive all the way to the office to use the wireless there on a holiday! Twice a day for that matter, b/c that's how often they want us to communicate. *cries* If only they would give us outside wireless, I could do it at Starbucks. heck, I'd buy a wireless router.

Ronon will be waiting for the repair tech. And he will be told the repair tech is a humanform wraith, if repair is not done. *nods*

Oh and add this to this morning's parking ticket b/c my muni-meter receipt flipped over when I shut the door. I think Ronon will be sitting in the car while I make my visits tomorrow too...

Now onto happier things - last nite finally watched Friday's episode of Psych which has been languishing on TehTivo all week.

Guess who was on? (no real spoilers here, not that I think anyone else watches this)


Steph: "OMG that's Radek!"
TehJerry: "Who?"
Steph: "Dr Zelenka! From SGA!"
Teh Jerry: *rolls eyes*

David was using his 'real' accent as well :) He was the harried MC at a scifi/comic con :)) It struck me even funnier b/c I saw him at his first con last fall in England. And he was a nervous wreck then - looks like he was able to draw on the experience!


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