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( Jan. 16th, 2009 03:57 pm)
I had many ambitions for today, and I managed to accomplish almost all of them!

The day was sunny to start out, supposed to rain later, so I started out with a walk. Hopped on the trail that I found by accident the other day when looking for the Cathedral (which i discovered today was much closer than I thought - i really did take the long road!), and walked the four miles to Castle Coch. The castle was closed, which i already knew from the brochure I saw at Caerphilly yest, which is why I didn't waste a bus trip, but it made a gorgeous hike along the river and through the woods. Too nice a day to be looking at indoors stuff anyway. I had brought bus fare, but decided to walk back, since it was still nice. So 8 miles round trip! Stopped in at the room to change pants as I had gotten a little muddy, and then took the bay car down to Cardiff Bay.

Managed to continue to beat the rain, and walked around taking more Torchwood pics ;) And then the trail out to the barrage, which per the sign is 1.2 miles. So I walked more than 10 miles today! By the time I came back it was starting to rain a little, so I stopped for a cup of tea and welsh cake, went back to the Dr Who exhibit to buy a Capt Jack *blush* Sadly the Ianto figure is not yet released. Tho prob not a good idea to have them both in the same room anyway ;) In the Cardiff Bay visitor's centre was a big Torchwood display - I guess they are a little proud of it - as well as some pics of local peeps with John Barrowman. According to the display there will be a series three! yay!

I jumped up and down in the right spot between the millennium centre and the water tower thingie, but the hub wouldn't open for me :(

Came back to the city, and did some more shopping. I found Spooks series 5 in WHSmith for 20 pounds :D Half the price of the series 4 I found in HMV. (which I still refuse to pay, but as I am watching them backwards anyway...) Also got a book. Only one because was being good and not buying anything I can get back home.

I didn't feel like a heavy dinner and was planning to get a pasty to take back to the room but the Cornish Bakeshop was already closed so I had to settle for a sandwich from Spar. And more tea. Which fights cancer apparently as some anonymous person posted to me yesterday. So it's all good.

Piccies here.


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