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( Mar. 29th, 2009 10:50 pm)
About the only thing I've not done this weekend is spam LJ. So here we go :)

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my new bike and took it for a spin. Spent an hour in the park learning how to get my feet in and out of the cages, which were tighter than the old ones, and learning to shift. The seat will, erm, take some adjusting too, but otherwise, wheeeee :) I didn't realize how hard my brother's bike was to ride until yesterday.

Meet Ianto teh Bike. Red is his colour. )

I also attempted to make a baby blanket for a friend of mine who just gave birth. The corners are a bit messy, the binding bunched in some spots, and I'm still having issues with stitches being straight. But, babies tend to throw up on these things anyway, right? And the rate people around here seem to be spawning I'll be getting more practice...

blankie )

Spent a couple hours at Panera today - a few more weekends of this and they should know me there - and got 1000 words written. And I have borrowed knitting needles of the correct size to continue my project - perhaps the hat will be ready by next winter!
1. Spooks no more new eps *sob*
2. Golden Hour RA had some moments, but it was no Spooks
3. Wire in the Blood - watching episode one now - so far so good!
4. Doctor Who Christmas 2008 - need to burn to dvd
5. Dead Like Me movie - ditto
6. Behind Human - as soon as have the rest of the eps
7. Robin Hood Series 3!
8. NCIS season 1-2 coming soon!


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