alasse_fae: (Adam orly)
( Apr. 3rd, 2009 08:51 pm)
Needles, check
yarn, check
two movies on tivo, and pouring rain outside, check

We are ready for take three!

my able assistant )

Oh and I also went to Chiro and got back cracked after work, and then came home and cleaned out file cabinet. The one that hasn't been cleaned out since we moved here. I found old typewritten manuscript of my (still unfinished) start trek novel from college, my old Sharp Wizard organizer with one whole megabyte of memory, and a real antiquity: floppy disks!

So far a productive start to the weekend :)

And the Mets are in their first rain delay at Citifield, at the train stop "formerly known as Shea" Go them.


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