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( Jan. 26th, 2009 04:21 pm)
Got to the airport with plenty of time for Starbucks, and getting rid of pounds at the duty free shop. Twinings was 3 for 2, so I have much tea. And Baileys. Only one tho b/c I couldn't carry the twin pack along with everything else.

Our flight was very empty, so I had a seat to myself. Even wrote a bit till Chuck's battery died. I swear my next lappy is getting a girl's name. So far have made tea and unpacked backpack and the stuff TehJerry is taking to Parentals. I should maybe unpack some clothes...

Anyway it was an awesome trip and an awesome con, and I still have day before I have to think about Ork :) Will prob be in bed by 7 tho.
I am queuing this for posting later as I don't feel like going down to the lobby.

This morning began with Adventures on the Underground. We had 45 minutes to get from Paddington Station to Kings Cross to catch our train. Five stops. Except that there were problems on one of the line, and they closed the underground station at Kings Cross. So we got off the train, went up to the street to try a cab. No cabs. So we went back into the underground, deciding to get off the stop before and try to walk. By that time the trains were going again, so we managed to get to King's Cross exactly 1 minute after our train. I felt like I was home dealing with the 1 train that always gets me to Penn 1 minute after my train leaves.

Anyway, the train people were very nice and said that the underground had informed the train dispatch of the issue so we could take the next train no problem. Which means we ended up only 30 minutes later than we had planned. [ profile] shippygem was there to meet us on the platform, and we proceeded to have a rather silly time exploring Nottingham. I've titled this post Jack and Jack take Nottingham, b/c we had Jack O'Neill and Jack Harkness action figures with us, and had a little fun taking pics of them. Alas the only action figure from Robin Hood that I could find was again the sheriff. Apparently no one wants to buy him...

However, in a secondhand DVD shop I found, for 10 pounds each - Spooks series 2 and 3. Score!! Now I just need 4. But at this point I figure I should be due for a new GC from Amazon after using my card everywhere, and I'm sure Amazon UK can get me my required fix :)

Tomorrow we will check out of here, do some last minute shopping and then head to the Thistle for P4!
No piccies today b/c after collecting [ profile] smileranikofrom Paddington we went to the Library and Museum. Then we went south, walked a bit and found a nice pub. And now chuck's services are required to show us House and BSG, so this will be the end of the post. Don't expect one tomorrow b/c we will be very late back from Nottingham, probably won't get back online until the Thistle on Fri.

[ profile] shippygem we will see you tomorrow!!!
Started off the day with a walk across Tower Bridge. Did not take pictures as I have a million from the last time I walked across Tower Bridge *g*. Then I went to find Southwark Cathedral, so as to check that one off my "cathedrals in Europe I have seen' list. Also on the Spooks episode I saw last nite, Adam's flat was in Southwark *ahem*. So i needed to have something with a Southwark sign on it.

The cathedral was very nice, and like Durham one of the ones that asks politely for a donation, with a discreet un-manned box, instead of charging admission. So I gave one. After that I went for a walk along the river, and saw by one of the landmark signs along the way, that Thames House was just across the river. That's the offices of MI5 in Spooks, so I was obligated to cross over and take a couple discreet pics. I don't know if the offices are really there, but no one tried to kill me or pass me any sensitive info. Also. sadly, no sign of Lucas or Ros.

Originally I had planned to go to St Pauls and climb the top of the dome that I couldn't the last time I was there, as it was the 'blizzard of 2007', but instead I decided to stay south of the river. I walked some more and then went on a tour of the Globe theater. Along with a bunch of Finnish schoolkids who had never heard of Shakepeare, so our guide was very happy to talk mostly to the 5 non-finnish schoolkids on the tour. When asked if the Globe is used at all in the films, he told us no, but it was used for the filming of Dr Who once. Me "Great episode!!" :) He then told us lots of schoolkids (brit ones, as I assume the Finns have not heard of Dr Who either.) come there all excited to see where DW was filmed and then oh by the way there was this great playwright, see...

The exhibition was excellent as well, and I ended up not leaving there till close to 4. I couldn't resist the shop either, and I bought a hooded sweatshirt that says "Hoods make not monks" From Henry VIII. Appropriate, yes?

Continued walking along with river till it got too dark to take pics. Some very nice pubs along there, but I figure I will be pubbing it with [ profile] smileraniko tomorrow, so decided to take a break. Instead I walked up through Trafalgar Sq, ducked into St Martins just before it closed, and heard the Baroque quartet who is playing in concert tonite rehearsing, and then ducked into the National Portrait Gallery to use the bathroom. Walked up Charing Cross road, ducking in and out of bookshops, but managing not to buy anything, until I came to HMV.

They had Spooks series 4 for the same forty pound price as in Cardiff, which I am still not ready to pay, but then - score! I found a DVD of "The Golden Hour", a one series show with, well you'll never guess who ;) as a trauma MD. I've watched most of the first ep in sections on You Tube and it was on my list :D

Then decided I had enough walking and tubed it back to Paddington where I bought some mushroom pastries for dinner. Which I have just eaten.

Piccies here.
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( Jan. 19th, 2009 03:38 pm)
Today was all Hampton Court. Got up, took the train, stayed there all day *g*. Did two of the audio tours, got tired of them because they were taking too long and I had too much more to see. So ditched it and went walking in the gardens, did the maze of course, and tried to think of Anne Boleyn and not Harry Potter, but not sure I succeeded ;)

Came back for a walking tour, mostly stuff I'd already seen but the guide was funny.

For dinner, after seeing the kitchens and all the meat pies, and hearing all about them, I had to have... a pie. The pie of the day at the pub down the road from the hotel was - chicken and bacon *facepalm* I am really really done with bacon now. The pub was nice - a sign outside says London's Longest Pub. I didn't measure it.

Anyway, won't waste internet time droning on - either you're a Tudor fan and already know everything or you're not and could care less. I enjoyed it anyway :) Not a ton of pics, but I did sneak a few inside. They didn't seem to care. Also bought a Henry VIII bear like my mom has b/c he was too cute to resist. He and Captain Jack are doing their alpha male thing in my room, so I'd best not leave them unsupervised for long.

Today's piccies here.

Tomorrow is Cathedral Day! Hopefully it won't rain too hard b/c I have a tremendous walking tour planned.
And missing Wales. It was so lovely, the people were so nice, and I must go back. Was tempted to go buy a Wales cap this am on the way to the train, but I didn't feel like dragging my luggage through the shop street. Anyway, unlike Ianto, red is not my colour.

So uneventful trip and now am in London. Not that London sucks by any means. *g* The hotel is very close to where I was last year, right on the corner. The room is a wee bit small, but that's what I get for going to the nice country places first and then back to the big city. Only real downside, is the wifi, tho free, is only in the lounge area. I did see some unsecured networks... but most likely I will be limiting myself to an hour a nite on the net. Maybe I'll get some more writing done. Or just watch more Spooks.

Anyway, checked in, went to check the location of the laundromat that this hotel was able to provide, unlike last years *rolls eyes*. It's right on the street next to Paddington so I will save monies and do a load of wash myself Wed am while waiting for [ profile] smileranikoto arrive. After that went for a long run on Hyde park/Kensington gardens, as the weather was gorgeous. Paid respects to Queen Vic, Prince Albert, and Peter Pan. On the way to the park I has passed a pretty stone church which advertised sung evensong at 1800. Perfect. Got some coffee and a bottle of water on way back from run, showered, and went to church :) Then had dinner at this Italian place just round the corner from the hotel. I was seriously craving vegetables after 5 days of pub food, so i had a salad. Tho with all the junk on it, the pub food was probably healthier. Tasty tho. I think I am done with bacon for the next decade.

Now am chilling in the lounge for a bit. Tomorrow, Hampton Court!
It is very windy here - supposedly up to 80 mph. Though just started as I was making my way back to my hotel, the rest of the day was absolutely gorgeous. Plus the temp here is still double what it is in NY. Maybe closer to triple.

I had booked a day trip with a tour company, because it included three places whereas I would only have been able to go to one on my own via public transport. I was a little leary b/c I hate tour groups, hate being with lots of other tourists that just want to shop and eat. But the dude at my hotel recommended these people, and they know the hotel so offered to pick me up there on the way to the regular meet up spot. Turned out the other group that had booked the tour had changed their itinerary, so I ended up with my own personal tour guide for the whole day. It was great. He plays folk music, also plays bodhran, so we talked about music as well as history and the obligatory Torchwood commentary. His claim to fame, he told me, was that he had snogged Eve Myles (Gwen for non-TW fans) in a bar.

Me: "Not John Barrowman?"
Him: "No. My girlfriend's mad for him, but you know..."
Me: "yeah..."

He confessed later it was just a peck on the cheek. His company wants to start a DW/TW experience tour - "The TimeLord Tour", and he asked me for suggestions - lol. Also told me what bar down in the bay I would be most likely to run into some of the actors, and I was very tempted to go back down there tonite, but figured they wouldn't be out till way too late, and also did I mention the wind? I'll get enough actors next weekend anyway.

Anyway, being the only person I had plenty of time to myself running around ruins, and no obligations to eat or shop! I had brought a bounty bar (of course) and an apple from breakfast, but I did had a cream tea in the little coffee shop in Tinturn.

We started at Caerleon which is the ruins of a Roman fortress town - coliseum, baths, and a museum. Slogged around a bit in the mud around the grass covered ampitheatre - the Romans really built these things to last. Nearly 2000 years old, and Shea barely lasted 40 :P Saw a bit of the bath and then the museum which had lots of stuff from digs and a recreated barracks. We drove through another town of roman ruins after that, but did not stop as it was all just foundational ruins that could be seen from the van.

Next we went to the whole reason I picked this trip - Tinturn Abbey. Absolutely gorgeous. And I think the most intact ruined abbey I've seen, tho the Scottish border abbeys were nearly 20 years ago so don't really remember. Way more intact than Whitby or Glastonbury tho, and very well labeled with drawings so you can really picture where everything was. Also the surroundings are gorgeous, and I may have taken a few photos.

After that we drove to Raglan Castle, (not on Raglan Road btw), where Paul, the guide of Eve Myles snogging fame, told me I could take another hundred pictures. :P Really cool castle, with moat. In Wales they seemed to have really grasped the concept of moats, and that there is supposed to be water in them. Possibly the rain helps.

Back to Cardiff in time for a little shopping before dinner. Paul had given me the names of some traditional Welsh groups upon request (with no "danny boy" crap), so I went looking for them but had no luck in the record stores on Queen Street. I just found all of them on iTunes, which amuses me no end. Can't find Welsh music in Cardiff, but on american iTunes. I limited myself to three albums. Tonite. Welsh music is teh awesome, very similar to Irish. I think I may have found their equivalent of Gaelic Storm, or possibly the Elders as well...


*steps away from iTunes*

Todays pictures here.
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( Jan. 16th, 2009 03:57 pm)
I had many ambitions for today, and I managed to accomplish almost all of them!

The day was sunny to start out, supposed to rain later, so I started out with a walk. Hopped on the trail that I found by accident the other day when looking for the Cathedral (which i discovered today was much closer than I thought - i really did take the long road!), and walked the four miles to Castle Coch. The castle was closed, which i already knew from the brochure I saw at Caerphilly yest, which is why I didn't waste a bus trip, but it made a gorgeous hike along the river and through the woods. Too nice a day to be looking at indoors stuff anyway. I had brought bus fare, but decided to walk back, since it was still nice. So 8 miles round trip! Stopped in at the room to change pants as I had gotten a little muddy, and then took the bay car down to Cardiff Bay.

Managed to continue to beat the rain, and walked around taking more Torchwood pics ;) And then the trail out to the barrage, which per the sign is 1.2 miles. So I walked more than 10 miles today! By the time I came back it was starting to rain a little, so I stopped for a cup of tea and welsh cake, went back to the Dr Who exhibit to buy a Capt Jack *blush* Sadly the Ianto figure is not yet released. Tho prob not a good idea to have them both in the same room anyway ;) In the Cardiff Bay visitor's centre was a big Torchwood display - I guess they are a little proud of it - as well as some pics of local peeps with John Barrowman. According to the display there will be a series three! yay!

I jumped up and down in the right spot between the millennium centre and the water tower thingie, but the hub wouldn't open for me :(

Came back to the city, and did some more shopping. I found Spooks series 5 in WHSmith for 20 pounds :D Half the price of the series 4 I found in HMV. (which I still refuse to pay, but as I am watching them backwards anyway...) Also got a book. Only one because was being good and not buying anything I can get back home.

I didn't feel like a heavy dinner and was planning to get a pasty to take back to the room but the Cornish Bakeshop was already closed so I had to settle for a sandwich from Spar. And more tea. Which fights cancer apparently as some anonymous person posted to me yesterday. So it's all good.

Piccies here.
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 04:35 pm)
Aside from being a great book, this pretty much sums up the day :) Though, make it more like six...

After breakfast got the train to Caerphilly, took a walk around the gorgeous ruins, then went and had a cup of tea. A pot actually. Took a bus back down to Cardiff, went in the museum and wandered around a bit, but wasn't really in the mood for natural history indoors, or ceramics, so then got the bus down to Cardiff Bay. It was getting dark and raining, so didn't get to really walk around much, just took a couple pics of the entrance to the Torchwood hub Millenium Centre, and then went straight to the Red Dragon Centre and the Dr Who Exhibition.

Now we're talking :)

Went all geeky and spent a couple hours there. I tried to get a pic of the green screen demo where the camera puts you into a landscape but it was kind of hard to take a pic of the screen while I was on it. The photo of David Tennant's pic came out way better. They had clips, costumes, episode summaries, moving Daleks (with a warning sign to not climb up on the platform, and to stay away from moving Daleks - lol), and other special effects. Restrained self again from purchasing action figures, dunno if I can make it a third day tho, if I go back there.

I took a break from pub food tonite and had chinese. With, tea. And now am back in my room, drinking - you guessed it - tea :)

Have ambitious castle hiking plans for tomorrow, and then hopefully get back down to the bay with some brighter drier air, but we shall see. At least I know my new raincoat is made of win!

Piccies here
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( Jan. 14th, 2009 05:04 pm)
Did the math with one of my breakfast mates this morning, who being a mathematician can so complex equations in his head, and turns out the temperature here is double what it is in NY. I feel like I am on a tropical vacation. I was also plied with much breakfast meat, and suggestions for day trips.

After breakfast I took a walk up to Llandaff (which is a pain in the butt to speel on all those pictures! why do Welsh names need to double up on so many letters?) which according to the Lonely Planet guide was about a mile and half from the hotel. I walked an extra mile or so looking for it, but along a really pretty river trail. Was tempted to go even further, but finally decided to turn around and find the cathedral, so I could then get back down to the castle before it closed.

Found Cathedral, went inside, but they were doing construction so didn't stick around. Had tea in a lovely shop across the way, and then went back across the river to follow the trail down to the castle. There were tons of people walking, running and biking on the trail. If I can get up early enough tomorrow or Fri I shall have to join them.

Did the castle audio and walking tour which included a live guide for the few inside rooms, climbing up the keep and walking the walls, and then decided I had enough scenery for one day (plus it was getting dark) so I did a little shopping for dinner. First had to check out the cheesy souvenirs - restrained self from buying celtic crap and aran sweaters - lol. Thankfully nothing with shamrocks on it anyway. I did buy a wee welsh dragon for [ profile] smileraniko's niece, whom I have apparently adopted.

Booked a tour of ruins including Tintern Abbey at the TI, and the dude taking the booking knows the owner of my hotel and said they'd pick me up here so I don't have to walk to the museum early in the morning Sat :) Went through Waterstones, but was good and didn't buy anything. Yet. Why is it when they have 3 for 2, you can only find two you want with the sticker, and all the ones you really want have no sticker? Was very good in the forbidden planet also and did not buy any Dr Who, Stargate, or Torchwood action figures. They didn't have a Ianto or all bets would have been off. They did have a weevil, which would have made for some interesting photo ops... could always go back. Also the only Robin Hood figure they had was the sheriff, so my quest for SuperPoseableGizzy continues.

Went to a closer pub for dinner tonite. The ones in the city center were scarily empty, but I found a nice one on the way back with people in it, and a 5 pound "Pint and curry" special. Got into a conversation with some guys who sat at the table next to me, getting ready for a football match, who couldn't believe I came all the way from NY to Cardiff. They were suitably impressed that my mother is a Jones, but told me there was no chance I'd find any connections b/c the name Jones is "too big". One dude to the others "See, I told you all the Americans come here to get their genealogy!" Hehe. They were also confused about my going to london for a scifi con.

Dude: "They film one of those shows around here."
Me: "yes. Torchwood."
Dude: "That's the one!"

Also found a tabloid in the Spar with John Barrowman on the cover. I should have asked the dudes if they know where he lives. Tho if they couldn't remember the name of the show, probably not.

Piccies from today.
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( Jan. 13th, 2009 04:23 pm)
And about to become comatose in Cardiff - my goal for tonite is a respectable 10PM.

Despite JFK's best efforts (though admittedly taking off 45 minutes after you are supposed to is actually pretty good for them), our plane got to London a half hour early. *hearts Virgin* I got to see the X-Files movie on the flight - was very good! I also started watching Ghost Town just before landing, and I'm going to have to watch the rest on the way home.

The passport dude was funny - "Looks like you were hear last January." "yeah, same scifi con" I got a cheeky grin in response.

Took the train into Paddington and went directly to Starbucks. Did not pass go, did not collect $200. Sorry. I will go to tea shops the rest of the trip. mostly but after an overnight flight when your body doesn't know what day or time it is - Starbucks is required. I've never had one of their lattes actually in a mug before. It was quite nice. Anywho - have sussed out the secret to successful train travel in Europe - book your tickets ahead of time on the internet - you get a cheaper rate *and* a reserved seat. Plus my new luggage combo rocks, so my train trip was a breeze. I think it was a lovely ride to Cardiff, but I put on my headphones and missed most of it.

Gave up on the googlemap directions I had printed for walking to my hotel when I couldn't find any street sign... and just found the place myself. The room is lovely, I took pics but will upload them with tomorrows, as by the time I got back out it was dark and I took no other photos. Just wandered around a bit and then found a nice pub for dinner. I was good and went to a proper Welsh pub, not O'Neill's by the train station. Welsh beer is yum. Found a quiet corner and made my plan of attack for tomorrow - hopefully the weather will be as nice as it was today!

Oh and Happy Birthday to [ profile] georgierae!!!
Am all packed and ready to go - managed to use the two small bags I took over the summer instead of the big honkin suitcase, as will be easier on trains and such. Everything fit, but I'm either going to have to go easy on the shopping or wear both sweaters and fleece on the plane home.

A message came across the Wolf board just in time reminding us that Jan 25th is Burns nite. I knew that, having had a discussion about that with a friend Sat nite at St Andrews, but the SGA implications had completed escaped me. *facepalm* So I have packed my MacPhee tartan skirt, which is a bit dressy and usually worn Christmas Eve so will look a bit silly with my hiking boots, but it's for Paul so I'll make the sacrifice ;) I hope no one tries to make us eat haggis

I have a little under an hour before my train and nothing to do... perhaps will torture the neighbors with some more whistle practice. They're gonna miss me afterall.
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( Jan. 10th, 2009 01:38 pm)
I am officially on vacation! And it is snowing. My car is all snug in the garage, and as long as the runways at JFK are clear by Monday evening, it can storm its little heart out.

I'm getting my stuff together for a trip to Wales and England starting the aforementioned Monday evening, and right now am doing one of the most fun tasks - deciding which books to bring. I am allowed only one fiction and one non-fiction because there is a serious raid on bookstores in Cardiff and London being planned.

I think i have settled on "When True Night Falls" by CS Friedman for the fiction, being the second in a series I started in Hungary. But I also have the second Otherland book by Tad Williams. The Friedman is thicker than the Williams - Imagine anything being thicker than a Tad Williams?? - and I read the first one earlier so really should stay in order.

Right, on to non-fic, I am settling I think on a book on Frances of Assisi in a spiritual classics series, but I also have two others in the same series that look good. Might have to just close my eyes and point.

My goal is to pack everything into two small bags rather than the big one, as will be easier for getting on and off trains and such, and plus I am trying to learn to pack light. The next debate will be on which sweaters to bring as I am only allowing myself two, but I won't bore you with that one!

[ profile] smileraniko and [ profile] shippygem I will be on as soon as I get the laundry going!
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( Dec. 8th, 2008 08:24 pm)
I haz me some traveling to do...

visited 28 states (56%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or try another Douwe Osinga project

[ profile] theyllekcan verify I have indeed been to both Kansas and Missouri, even if I wasn't sure where I was at the time.

visited 15 states (6.66%)
Create your own visited map of The World or try another Douwe Osinga project
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( Oct. 17th, 2008 02:26 pm)
Just booked flight to England in January, and Thistle for Peg 4. Combined hotel and flight are less than my flight to Budapest was *headdesk*. Rest of trip can be planned in December, after NaNo :)

And now am off to pick up the girls and head out to the less scary bit of New Jersey for our Irish Dance and Hike weekend. Looks like we will have gorgeous, if a bit chilly weather!
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( Oct. 6th, 2008 08:26 pm)
Had a wonderful weekend in Houston, and only an hour delay getting back to NY - which is amazing for JFK. Dragged my 20 pounds of books (I exaggerate. A little.) home and crashed. After watching the 12th inning end to the Angels/Red Sox game. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for baseball. And was watching the game on the plane, couldn't believe it was still tied when I got home.

I will spare my f-list the details of the weekend, but for any of those religiously minded that wish to read about it, I have a post on my other blog here.

Now back to baseball :) And starting my book club book...
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( Oct. 5th, 2008 12:26 am)
we tried to get bbq. we really really did.Had a recommended place in the hotel magazine. Got GPS directions to [ profile] philippacrawfor's phone (which guided us onto an ez tag only portion of the tollway. oops. well it's a rental car.) Followed said directions and arrived at restaurant to see find it closed. Really closed. As is grass growing in parking lot. Probably was storm damage and we didn't even think to check first.

So we ended up at an italian restaurant. Mmmmm. pasta, pizza, focacia bread. Left overs for breakfast.

barbecue, shmarbecue.
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( Oct. 2nd, 2008 11:45 pm)
Made it safe and sound with no hassles for a change. Jet Blue is my friend. This time.

The hotel we are staying at had a lot of storm damage, and so has little things like no room service that they are very apologetic about. I don't think i have ever actually ordered room service.... And they had no double rooms available so we got a king suite, which is about the size of my apartment. we each have our own room! and tv!

Had Tex Mex food for dinner - fish tacos! Tho my camera battery was dead so I did not get a pic. Came back and watched the end of the debate, which I'm sure will be covered more than adequately elsewhere! And now as soon as the Dodgers finish trouncing the Cubs (sorry [ profile] nfwbls) it will be time to crash as have early day tomorrow.

Oh and there are like 3 starbucks near the hotel :D
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( Oct. 1st, 2008 09:40 pm)
Had the craziest day today- Number 4 suddenly figured out my caseload is too high (possibly due to my frantic phone call that I had 13 visits scheduled and needed to be done by 6 b/c I had a meeting in Manhattan, and then a plane to catch tomorrow am so now like I could wait the paperOrks till Monday.). So hopefully when I get back they won't have assigned 10 more cases to me. Now I am off for four days!

Watching Fridge (have given up on actually trying to write Fringe). Heh - Walter cracks me up.

My amazon package came today with my book club books as well as a book from [ profile] philippacrawfor, whom I will me tomorrow in Houston :) None of the books will be going with me however as they are all hardcover, and I have a nice paperback Tad Williams that I have been dying to start.

Off to Houston in the Am for the weekend. Shall come back refreshed, recharged, and possibly 10 pounds heavier, considering the food.

Speaking of which, restaurant suggestions anyone?
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( Jul. 20th, 2008 07:47 pm)
I think there's a Gaelic Storm song about that. And possibly a Seinfeld episode, or at least [ profile] theyllekand I felt like we were in one, trying to get home from Budapest.

First we missed our appointed take off time, b/c the dudes at the gate were too busy confiscating water that people had purchased in the airport, *after* security. wtf? We were sitting down, refusing to squish into the queue until it actually moved, so we saw what they were doing, and chugged our water quick, b/c dude, we paid for it with our last forints.

Finally we got on the plane, and had the bestest seats *ever*. Bulkhead seats - no one in front of us. Plenty of room to stretch our legs and put our feets up on the wall, etc. The pilot came on, and announced that we lost our slot, and we were looking at about 30-45 min before take off. No problem, except that we're in our seats with the seatbelt sign on, and I just chugged two bottles of water. Not to mention the tejeskave I had before boarding. so, I had to wait for an opportune moment and sneak off to oma when the flight attendants weren't looking. Then, no problem.

The flight itself was fine, aside from losing the second half of the first movie, b/c one of the monitors in business elite class wasn't working and they had to reboot the whole system. If one of the special peoples can't watch it, none of us can. They did show the movie again later on, but we had just gotten our laptops out to watch "Stargate Continuum" so didn't see it.

We landed only an hour late, and as JFK has completely given up on actually trying to bring a plane to a gate, per the pilot a "contraption" would be sent for us. The contraption was a bus, that only took a couple trips to get us all to a gate. Ok, fine. we walked into the gate, and stopped. We could see the sign with the arrow to Passport control, but we couldn't seem to get to it. After about 20 minutes, the natives began to get restless. We found a corner and sat down, called our families to tell them we had landed but weren't officially back in the country yet, pulled out our books, and watched the restless people argue with the personnel who clearly didn't give a crap, and try the emergency exit doors which resulted only in alarms going off and fake TehJerry's running to scold the person who pushed it. Finally we were told the problem was that the escalator in front of us wasn't working.

Wtf, mate? A nonworking escalator is like, stairs, right? You can walk down stairs. Oh. No, that is strictly forbidden. *headdesk*

Finally after about an hour and a half in the hallway, the brain trusts figured out they could put us back on the one bus the airport has, and take us to another gate where the escalator actually works! Yay! About three trips, another ride around the airport "Look kids, big ben, Rockaways", we arrive at another gate. Just to be rebellious, we walked down the escalator anyway.

Our luggage was already waiting for us in a lovely heap, and the train connections cooperated, so we got back to my house before 10. Faceplant, and then up at 4 to take Yllek back for the rest of her trip, which you can read the sordid details of in her own LJ.

Don't fly Delta.


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